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The Handwoven History of Harris Tweed


At this technological day in age its difficult not to be charmed by tales of communities who have rallied around tradition and craftsmanship to sustain themselves. And when the story explores one of our favourite topics – we just have to share.


The Big Cloth is a 4.5 minute documentary that shines a light on a unique Scottish industry with a global following. It showcases the mesmerizing artisanal process surrounding Harris Tweed (the only cloth to have an act of parliament protecting the industry), using the words of the weavers themselves.


“We tell the story from the Cheviot and Scottish Blackface sheep to the weavers and mills, the wool dyers and blenders, the yarn spinners and warpers and finally to the cloth finishers and stampers,” explains filmmaker Nick David. “It’s a celebration of an island community, it’s local traditions and the people that make Harris Tweed so special.”


Here at Harry Rosen, our affinity runs deep.


“Harris Tweed cloth originates from the beautiful remote islands off the west coast of Scotland and has become one of the most famous wool textiles in the world,” says head buyer Jeff Farbstein. “It’s alive – a true embodiment of the Scottish countryside. It combines beauty with resilience. And, by virtue of its rugged, natural properties, it will stand the test of time and you will always get compliments when you wear it.”



Watch The Big Cloth above and you’ll understand that when you buy Harris Tweed you are guaranteed the best. It’s about quality and style, history and heritage.