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Harry Rosen Corporate Services is your ultimate destination for elevating client engagement, rewarding and gifting staff, enhancing your corporate image, and boosting employee satisfaction and retention.

Here, you can explore our various packages and services tailored to corporate and professional clients looking to gain an extra edge in the market. Our corporate offerings are yours to leverage so you can achieve the very best results for you, your company, and your team.

Style for Success

Our Style for Success masterclasses offer both companies and individuals our expertise and guidance on how to dress well for every occasion, create impactful first impressions in their business environment, and appreciate the value of investing in themselves.

These masterclasses are offered on-site at client offices, education institutions, or our Harry Rosen stores, and will arm you with the knowledge and tools to stand out from the crowd and navigate the ever-changing corporate dress code.

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Corporate Events

We create custom corporate event solutions for companies seeking to engage meaningfully with their clients, prospective clients, and teams with curated experiences that promote ongoing interactions.

These high-energy events are fully turnkey – we take care of the entire execution allowing you to quickly build relationships and/or move clients down the sales funnel. Plus, each participant receives a special gift for attending your event.

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Corporate Rewards & Gifting

Foster loyalty and staff retention and become a preferred employer with our customized service recognition program, which leverages incentivized rewards to increase team performance. Reward your staff and/or clients with our luxury gifting packages that offer easy solutions to businesses looking for added value.

Provide gifting themes or input to any degree or rely on us to curate gift packages for you. All the products we carry in-store are available as we are flexible on quantities, curation, and price points.

Corporte Clothing

Corporate clothing plays a significant role in shaping the outward image and internal culture of a company or organization by aligning its employees with its values and objectives while projecting a professional and cohesive image.

Corporate Clothing also conveys a polished image to clients, customers, and stakeholders, allowing a company to promote and reinforce its brand through consistent visual identity.

Similarly, corporate clothing contributes to team spirit as wearing similar attire fosters a sense of unity and belonging among employees, promoting cohesion and a positive work environment. Vitally, It also ensures consistency in appearance, which reflects a positive and united corporate culture.

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