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From classic to hype, this season’s collections celebrate unapologetic individuality with four distinct yet stylish aesthetics, shot on location in Palm Springs, California.

Timeless Elegance

a man sitting on a white car in palm springs

Indulgent yet timeless luxury that features bold expressions and the finest fabrics to transcend trends.

Professionally Progressive

a man in a suit and white t-shirt standing outside in front of a building

Blending professionalism with comfort, these designs embody a refined fusion that never feels overdressed.

Bold Hype

a man in swim trunks and a tank sitting by a pool

From brash logos to cutting-edge silhouettes, this season’s eye-catching ensembles are poised to make a statement.

Curated Class

a close up of a man in sunglasses and a blue jacket

If you value laid-back style, our latest collection of easy-wearing brands epitomizes a commitment to crafting enduring essentials.