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Ask Harry: Looking for the Right Sunglasses

The perfect sunglasses will give you an edge like none other, here’s how to find the best frames for your face.

By: Harry Rosen StaffDate: 2023-05-05

Shades, sunnies, glints, sun cheaters – whatever you want to call them, we can all agree there’s nothing better than finishing off an outfit with a pair of sunglasses that’s synonymous with you.

To find that perfect pair, there’s a few things to consider between things like face shape, temple width, and even colour. Let’s try on a couple to see what looks best for you.

Round Faces

A rounded face entails a similar width starting from the jawline to the brow, with fuller cheeks and soft curves. You’re going to want something with sharper angles to offset your sans-angular structure. Fortunately, you get to shop some of the hardest styles on the market – check out rectangular frames for more conventional looks, but don’t hesitate to get outside of the box a little with geometric shapes. Also, be particular about colour – if something like a glossy black is too much, go matte!

Square Faces

Just as Huey Lewis once said, it is in fact “hip to be square”. Social commentary on the pleasures of conformities and trends aside, the same balancing act of angles that applies to round faces applies to square faces – but in the inverse. The standout features of a square face being a broad jawline and forehead, look to break up that blocky structure with rounded edges – think aviator styles. It’s hard not to talk about these shades without channeling Frank Bullitt, Maverick, and Tony Montana charisma.

Rectangular Faces

Similar vibe to a square face, but a little longer. A rectangular face actually lends you a bit of headroom with how bold you want to go. Since this type of facial structure is typically larger, you can fully indulge in statement making oversized frames. We’re talking smoked out lenses, commanding shapes, and even funky colours if you’re going all in. From poker games to nights on the town, this is a big-time look.

Heart-Shaped Faces

The heart face – wide forehead, narrow at the chin. The tapered nature of this face shape calls for glasses that will complement that facial transition, as onlookers are drawn onto your sculpted structure. Your best bet is a pair of smaller, rounded frames – sleek, compact, and inoffensive yet playful. It’s simply one of those frames that just work – go with anything from black and gold to light tortoiseshell finishes.

Oval Faces

Finally, the oval face. Legend has it that if you’ve got one of these, you can rock any pair of shades under the sun. From big and blocky, to subtle and understated, to bright and bold, play around and see what you like. But as always, fashion rules are just rules – learn them first, break them later.

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