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The Top 4 Men’s Fragrances for Spring

A run-down of our favourite scents for this season.

By: Harry Rosen StaffDate: 2024-05-17

Just like your clothing wardrobe, the fragrances you wear should revolve around seasonality. In general, the colder months call for darker, spicy scents while the spring and summer are better suited to lighter, more fruit-forward fragrances.

Today’s discerning fragrance enthusiast, however, searches far deeper than just the standard top notes to determine which scent he’ll make his signature for each new season, and with a plethora of elegant options available, deciding between them can prove challenging.

To help you on your way, we’ve put together this handy guide to the best men’s fragrances for spring.

blue moon ginger dash eau de parfum on beige backdrop

Blue Moon Ginger Dash (Eau De Parfum), Kilian

This limited-edition scent is part of Kilian’s The Liquors olfactive family and is inspired by the cult-classic ‘90s cocktail, the Blue Lagoon, the unofficial beachside party drink of the decade. Mimicking the ingredients of the drink, the fragrance opens with a flash of lemon essence for freshness with a base note of white musk and lingering notes of ambroxan.

creed eau de parfum on beige backdrop

Virgin Island Water (Eau De Parfum), Creed

This fresh and uplifting scent seeks to capture a Caribbean sailing adventure in a bottle, inviting you to embrace a tropical life aquatic. Enjoy notes of Jamaican lime and coconut, which are optimally worn throughout the warmer months.

santal eau de toilette on beige backdrop

Santal (Eau De Toilette), Floris London

This distinctive sandalwood-based fragrance from British heritage brand Floris London is a complex modern classic. Crisp bergamot and lemon zest notes open alongside fresh green grass and a warm spice mix, followed by sensual woody notes of sandalwood, cedarwood, patchouli, and vetiver. Base notes of frankincense, musk, and vanilla augment this irresistible Spring/Summer scent.

tom ford parfum on beige backdrop

Oud Wood (Parfum), TOM FORD

One of TOM FORD’s most beloved fragrances, Oud Wood delivers a sensorial rush of the iconic oud ingredient, a rare and intensely fragrant oil extracted from tree resin. Natural essences of cardamom and patchouli underscore the rich blend of prized woods, glowing amber, and seductive vanilla.

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