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What is Bespoke?

A bespoke suit is the ultimate tailored garment, handmade from scratch to the customer’s most precise specifications and physical characteristics. Ultimately, it’s as comfortable as a second skin, but far more flattering. The experience allows the customer to participate in the selection of details that will make the garment uniquely theirs.

The Bespoke experience starts with our Bespoke Specialist taking measurements of your figure, noting any particular adjustments to be made to shoulder height differences or hip length, or others, to create a pattern unique to you to rectify any discrepancies. (Once the pattern is made, it resides in our Bespoke Shop for continuous refinements and for the creation of future suits, sports jackets, tuxedos, coats, for example).

You will work with the Bespoke Specialist in the selection of your fabric, based upon the needs you’ll place on the garment. Then, there are other considerations – the type of lapel, the fabric and colour of the lining, the types of buttons and their placement, the style of pockets, where you would like the vents placed.

Two weeks later, the first fitting occurs. At that time, the jacket is loosely stitched together and part of the canvas is in place – the soft inner shell of wool and horsehair that gives the jacket its shape. The lapels await buttons, buttonholes and hand-sewn stitches that will give it its permanent three-dimension roll. This is the time where any adjustments can be noted. The average suit takes 28 hours of work to complete, and may require one or two more fittings before the suit is completed within 6 weeks. Resulting in the finest fitting quality tailored garment.

Personalized tailored clothing, suits priced from $3,500, sport jackets from $2,800.

Available only at 82 Bloor Street West, Toronto – The Bespoke Shop, 3rd floor.

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