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Program & Account Details

I’m an existing customer of Harry Rosen, what do I need to do?

As an existing customer of Harry Rosen, since you were earning points as a Sartoria Member, you will be seamlessly transferred to CLUB HARRY if you have a valid email address. Your current points balance will be carried over, and your new status within CLUB HARRY will be based on your annual spending. To continue earning points, redeem your rewards, and enjoy the benefits of CLUB HARRY, ensure that you log in to your account online or provide your valid email address at the Point of Sale when making purchases in-store.


CLUB HARRY is our customer loyalty program that offers three status levels: INSIDER, TITANIUM, and DIAMOND, each with its own set of benefits based on your total annual spend.

  • INSIDERS enjoy perks like standardized alterations, personalized offers, free shipping for orders over $100, and a 1% earn rate for points with no minimum spend requirement.

  • TITANIUM members receive additional benefits such as a free Harry magazine subscription, garment maintenance, an annual gift, and a 1.5% earn rate for points when they spend between $2.5k and $10k annually.
  • DIAMOND have access to all status benefits, VIP events, priority customer care, free shipping, and a 2% earn rate for points when they spend over $10k annually.

When did the changes to the new membership take effect?

Changes to the loyalty program took effect on October 4th, 2023. Existing Sartoria loyalty points were carried over – there is no change in value.

How do I ensure I receive all the benefits of CLUB HARRY?

To access all the benefits when shopping online, ensure that you are logged into your account during the order process. Being logged in enables you to earn points, qualify for free returns on regular priced merchandise, enjoy reduced shipping fees, and access free alterations, along with other exclusive perks. For in-store purchases, please provide a valid email address associated with your CLUB HARRY account. This ensures that the base earn rate and additional benefits are applied at the point of sale.

Where do I go to review my loyalty information?

Visit CLUB HARRY and log in to your account to review your loyalty information, which includes your Active and Pending Points balance, Points Activity, and personalized offers.

Can I use two different email addresses for the same account?

No, only one email address can be associated with a CLUB HARRY account. For maximum benefit, we recommend you use one email address/CLUB HARRY account when shopping to earn free rewards faster. To merge your account please contact customer care.

Can I opt out of the program or close my account

Yes, you can unsubscribe from the CLUB HARRY program at any time, but you will forfeit any accumulated points. Contact Us

Loyalty Status

How do I reach the next level of loyalty status?

Your loyalty status is determined by your total annual spend at Harry Rosen. To reach the next level of loyalty status, you need to meet the minimum spend requirement specified for the higher status. Once you achieve this spending threshold, there is a pending period of 30 days after your purchase for the benefits of the upgraded status to take effect. The 30-day timeframe is designed to align with our return policy. After the pending period is over, you will start earning loyalty points at the new base rate corresponding to your upgraded status. This means you will receive additional benefits and rewards associated with the higher loyalty level. For specific spending guidelines and requirements for each loyalty status, please refer to CLUB HARRY to view the details of status requirements.

How do I maintain my status?

To maintain your current status, you must meet the minimum annual spend requirement. On February 1st of each year, we will evaluate your total expenditures from January 1st to December 31st and assign your new loyalty status accordingly.

Points Earning & Redemption

How do I find my points balance?

Point balances are updated in real time on your store receipt or by logging in to your account on CLUB HARRY

What is the value of my points, and how do I redeem them?

The minimum points redemption is $50. Each point holds a value of $0.01. To redeem your points, you must accumulate a minimum of 5,000 points, which is equivalent to $50. Once you reach this threshold, you can start using your points for purchases. Please keep in mind that you cannot initiate a redemption until your total point balance reaches 5,000 points or more.

Note: There is a 30-day pending period before you can spend your earned points. This aligns with the return policy.

Why is there a 30-day pending period for points I have earned?

The 30-day pending period for earned points (both base and bonus points) aligns with our return policy. During this time, the points you have earned are in a pending state to account for potential returns or exchanges.

Can I use my points to pay for a purchase?

Yes, you can use your points as a form of payment if you have accumulated more than 5,000 points. 5,000 points = $50. The minimum points redemption is $50. This can be done simply at the point of sale (POS) in our Harry Rosen stores or online at

Can I use my points to pay for shipping?

No, shipping cannot be paid by points redemption. Shipping is always free for DIAMOND members. INSIDER and TITANIUM members qualify for free shipping after spending a minimum of $100.

Will I earn points if I redeem points?

Members do not earn points on redemption as a method of payment, however you may be eligible for personalized offers where bonus points are applied.

Can I earn points on the purchase of a Harry Rosen gift card?

No, you can’t earn points when you load funds onto a Harry Rosen gift card. However, you will earn points when you use the gift card as a method of payment.

I placed an order but I’m not seeing my points added to my account.

Please check your points activity summary on your Member Account Page. If you do not see your points listed, kindly Contact Us for assistance.

Can I earn and redeem points at Harry Rosen Outlet or

No, currently, you cannot earn and redeem points at Harry Rosen Outlet or However, please stay tuned for future updates and announcements from Harry Rosen, as we may introduce new options for earning and redeeming points in the near future.

What happens to my points when I make a return?

Points earned from a returned item will be automatically deducted from your account.

If I exchange an item, will I still have my points?

When you exchange an item, it's like returning and buying it again. Your points will be adjusted based on how you initially earned them. If you earned bonus points on the item you're returning, those points will also be adjusted. When the exchange is processed, bonus points may not be re-issued if the limited time offer has expired or was a one-time use code.

Do I lose points if a price adjustment is processed?

You may lose points if a price adjustment is processed. Price adjustments typically involve treating the transaction as a return at the original price and a new sale of the same item at the new price. In this process, any bonus points that were earned on the original purchase may also be deducted.

Can I use the points I’ve earned if I close my account?

No, if you close your account, the points you have earned will not be usable. Once your account is closed, any accumulated points will be considered expired and cannot be reactivated or used for future redemption. We recommend utilizing your points before closing your account to make the most of your rewards.

Can I use multiple offers on one order?

Please refer to the terms and conditions of specific offers for information on combining multiple offers.

What are personalized offers?

Personalized offers are bonus opportunities tailored specifically to individual members, providing additional benefits beyond the base earn rates of the loyalty program. These exclusive offers will be communicated to members through various channels including email and

How do I view personalized offers on the My Account page?

To access and view the personalized offers on the My Account page, members must log in to their account. It is important to regularly check for updates, as new personalized offers are added regularly.

Are personalized offers always available?

Please note that the availability of personalized offers may vary and is subject to change. It is recommended to stay updated on the My Account page and through email notifications to take advantage of the latest offers.

My friend got a specific offer, but I wasn’t told about it. Why am I not eligible?

Many offers are personalized based on factors like member status and engagement. Your friend may have received a specific offer because they met certain criteria. Stay updated on your communication channels for future exclusive offers.


If I buy a suit at Harry Rosen Outlet, can I take advantage of my loyalty status and bring it to a Harry Rosen store for free tailoring?

No, we do not offer our Harry Rosen tailoring services to purchases made at Harry Rosen Outlet regardless of your CLUB HARRY loyalty status. The benefits and perks associated with your CLUB HARRY loyalty status, including free tailoring, are typically applicable to purchases made at Harry Rosen mainline stores. The policies and services offered at Harry Rosen Outlet may differ from those at the mainline stores. We recommend you inquire about specific services available at Harry Rosen Outlet before making a purchase.

Member to Member Gifting

How do I gift points to another member?

To gift points to another member, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your account at
  • Ensure that you have an active (not pending) point balance of at least $50 or 5,000 points, as this is the minimum amount for gifting.
  • Locate the widget or section for points gifting on the website.
  • Input the email address of the recipient.
  • Both the sender and receiver will be notified by email regarding the gifted points.

Important notes to consider:
  • There is a maximum limit of $5,000 per year for gifting. This limit resets on January 31st of the following year.
  • To prevent phishing attempts and ensure the recipient is a CLUB HARRY member, the success message will be along the lines of "If is a member of CLUB HARRY, they would receive the points."
  • Once the points are gifted, there is no option to reject the gift. The points are immediately removed from the sender's account.
  • If the recipient remains inactive with Harry Rosen for 24 months (no activity), they may lose the gifted points, as per CLUB HARRY Terms and Conditions.
  • Gifted points do not impact the recipient's Loyalty Status. Status recalculations are based on the recipient's own base points earned.

Can I cancel or reverse a points transfer?

No, it is not possible to cancel, or reverse points transfer between members. Once points have been transferred from one member to another, the transaction is final and cannot be undone.

Points Donation

Can I donate points to a charitable cause?

Yes, you have the option to donate your CLUB HARRY points to a charitable cause - during select time periods. When you choose to donate your points, it allows you to contribute to charitable initiatives supported by Harry Rosen using the points you have earned.

Here are the steps to donate your points:

  • Log in to your account at
  • Navigate to the My Account section of the website.
  • Look for the option related to point donations or charitable causes.
  • Select the desired charitable cause or organization to which you want to donate.
  • Input the number of points you wish to donate.
  • Review the donation details and confirm the donation.
  • Upon successful submission, a confirmation message will be displayed.
  • You will also receive an email notification as a donor, thanking you for your contribution.
  • You will not receive a tax receipt.

Householding - Coming Soon

What is householding?

Householding refers to the ability of DIAMOND status members to share their loyalty status benefits with family and friends. DIAMOND status members can add up to five (5) individuals to their CLUB HARRY account, allowing them to enjoy elevated status benefits and access.

Who can be added to a household?

DIAMOND status members can add up to five (5) family members or friends to their CLUB HARRY account. These individuals will then earn points at the DIAMOND status level and have access to similar experiences and benefits as DIAMOND members.

What benefits can household members enjoy?

Household members added by DIAMOND status members will earn points at the same rate and enjoy similar benefits and access as DIAMOND members. This includes access to elevated experiences and all other benefits associated with DIAMOND status.

Will the point balances and redemption capability be shared among household members?

No, the point balances and redemption capability will be maintained at the individual client level. Each household member will have their own distinct point balance and redemption capability within the CLUB HARRY loyalty program. In the event of a status change for the primary account holder, the benefits for secondary household members will also be adjusted. It's important to note that the spending of secondary household members does not contribute to the attainment of primary status.

What are the benefits of participating in the Harry Rosen Garment Bag Recycling Program?

As thanks for your participation, CLUB HARRY members earn the Green TerraCycle® Rebate (a redeemable value of 500 CLUB HARRY points*) for returning their Harry Rosen garment bag. They'll also receive 500 points if they reuse a garment bag during a new purchase.