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Ask Harry: How to Artfully Match Your Shirts & Ties

Ties are undoubtedly becoming more popular and we’re happy to see them back out and about. Here are four simple rules to follow. But remember the most important one: have fun with it!

By: Harry Rosen StaffDate: 2023-10-04

Rule 1

Ground a boldly coloured or patterned shirt with a solid neutral tone like navy.

Rule 2

Pattern on pattern can be successful, just ensure the patterns are varied in scale (thin stripes with wide stripes, a micro check with larger florals, and so on).

Rule 3

Solid shirt colors provide an effortless foundation for any tie. Just ensure the shirt and tie share a common color.

Rule 4

If you're wearing a shirt with a micro-check, consider pairing it with a classic medallion-pattern or striped tie for a sophisticated yet subtle look.

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