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The No-Sweat Summer Shop

Welcome to the No-Sweat Summer Shop, a corner of our store we’ve dedicated to keeping all of your summer essentials in one tidy little place. From polos and T-Shirts to shorts and swimwear to sport shirts, sweaters, accessories, and much, much more, every individual item here has been hand-selected by us to ensure you get the very best out of summer this year.

Shop for your summer must-haves by category or by our themed sub-shops inspired by destinations and events here.


Polos: The Smarter Way to Do Summer

When we picture the perfect summer wardrobe, a few crisp new polo shirts are never far from thought. Sporty enough to wear on the daily yet smart enough to dress up for dinner, there’s never any shortage of opportunities to wear our wide range of polos throughout the summertime.

Shorter Inseams Now In-Season

Shorts aren’t always the answer to higher temps, but when they are, there’s nothing else you’d want to be wearing instead. For days when the mercury’s at its highest or you just can’t seem to get your head around wearing anything longer than knee-length, let our latest selection of shorts help you fall in love with summer once again.

Summer’s Best Friend, the T-Shirt

In our eyes, one can never own too many T-Shirts, but the ones that catch our interest are more about quality than quantity. Whether you’re in need of a restock of plain white Tees or you’re ready to test the waters with something more adventurous this year, our Summer Shop is brimming with summer-ready T-Shirts.

Swimwear to be Seen In

What could be more quintessentially summer than swimwear? The answer is... not a lot. From the beach to the pool to the cottage and beyond, swimwear is the universal symbol for ‘fun in the sun,’ which is precisely why we’ve revamped our selection of swimwear to ensure you can retain your title as the Most Stylish Guy Soaking Wet this summer.


Gold-Medal Sport Shirts

Just because they're called ‘sport shirts’ doesn’t mean you’ll need to break a sweat in these this summer. Equally appropriate for summers spent admirably active or enviably sedentary, our new-in set of sport shirts will have you looking cool, calm, and collected no matter what you get up to.

Summertime Blues? Crewnecks Are the Cure

Unfortunately, summer isn’t all sunshine and high temps... Whether the forecast is being fickle, it’s unseasonably cool outside, or you’re huddled up around a cottage campfire making s’mores, a classic crewneck sweater should never be far from reach.

Accessories to the Perfect Time

When you think about it, summer is the season when accessories really earn their stripes. Between the perfect pair of shades, some protective-yet-stylish headwear, and of course, a few pieces of tastefully chosen jewellery to shimmer under the summer sun, the right seasonal accessories are what separate the pros from the pretenders when it comes to perfecting summer style.