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How to Fold a Pocket Square

Learn how to fold a pocket square in a few stylish ways.

How to Fold a Pocket Square

One minor accessory can make a major impact. Learn how to master an immaculately folded pocket square in no time.

Pocket Square 101

Harry Rosen buyer Shannon Stewart demonstrates four simple yet stylish ways to master a variety of pocket square folds. Pocket squares are a great way to showcase your personality while wearing a suit or sport jacket, with or without a tie.

Classic Pocket Square Fold: Simply fold your pocket square in half four times to create this elegant look also known as the Presidential Fold. Try it with a lustrous genuine silk pocket square or choose a cotton fabric to produce an extra tidy square fold with crisp corners.

Pouf Pocket Square: To create this easy fold (also known as the puff pocket square), pinch the centre of your pocket square, draw the fabric through a loop of your finger and thumb, fold the bottom half up, and tuck right into your jacket.

Pocket Circle Fold: Cut “corners” entirely with this foolproof alternative to typical pocket squares. Simply follow the same steps as the puff fold, then tuck into your jacket with either the seams or the centre showing.

Peaked Fold: To start, fold your square into a triangle. Then fold the left corner over the right, keeping it slightly off-centre. Fold the top down to create a third peak. Tuck the bottom and the left side under and place it in your pocket.