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Ask Harry: How to Embrace Linen

The key? The comfort and unwrinkled style of linen-blends.

By: Harry Rosen StaffDate: 2024-04-02

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Q: I noticed linen everywhere last summer, but I’m still unsure about incorporating it into my wardrobe. I know it’s a summer fabric, but I don’t want to appear as a wrinkled mess around town.—Hassan, Toronto

A: A few wrinkles are inherently part of the charm of linen, but we understand the hesitation. One thing to consider is linen blends, especially the linen-wool- silk featured prominently in our selection of sport jackets this season (you’ll also find linen- cotton and linen-silk blends in T-shirts, polos, and overshirts).

What’s the Big Deal?

A linen-wool-silk blend is an effective combination that offers several benefits:

  • Linen: For lightweight breathability.

  • Wool: For a soft touch and enhanced drape.

  • Silk: For a luxurious sheen.

Overall, it’s a harmonious balance of qualities that provide comfort and style.