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Ask Harry: How Long Should My Pants Be?

Our essential guide to the perfect trouser break.

By: Harry Rosen StaffDate: 2024-04-03

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Q: What’s the verdict on trouser break these days? I’m unsure of how long my pants should be. Are there any strict rules I can follow? —Laurent, Montreal

A: There are certainly guidelines for trouser length or break. It’s really all about personal preference and the type of outfit you’re wearing. Trouser “break” refers to how the hem of your trousers falls in relation to your shoes — a crucial aspect of tailoring that significantly impacts the overall look of your outfit. We don’t recommend a full break, so let’s start at medium...

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1.‎ Medium Break

Generally, the more break in your trousers, the more conservative you’ll look. The hem rests on top of the shoe, forming a single, neat fold. It’s a mature, no-nonsense look that doesn’t seek attention — a classic.

Works well with formal outfits, dress shoes, fuller leg trousers.

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2.‎ Slight Break

The hem makes minimal contact with the shoe, creating a small, subtle break. It offers a slightly more relaxed look than no break, providing a clean line while maintaining a contemporary appearance. Think of it as an updated classic—tailored but not too trendy.

Works well with sneakers, loafers, more casual outfits, straight leg trousers.

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3.‎ No Break

The hem barely touches the top of the shoe, creating a clean and streamlined appearance. It’s a modern style that’s clean, minimal, and often associated with a more tailored, trim look.

Works well with sneakers, loafers, slim trousers.

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