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Harold: Bring Your Style Vision to Life

Our team dreamed up their ideal outfits and created them with the help of Harold custom-made.

By: Harry Rosen StaffDate: 2024-04-02

With Harold's extensive array of customizable options and top-tier fabrics, your fashion inspirations can effortlessly come to life. We reached out to four members of our own Harry Rosen team, delving into their personal fashion inspirations, and skillfully recreated those iconic looks just for them.

Ben Kriz, Content and Social Media Manager

  • Man wearing a white Harold cocktail jacket
  • Black & White photo of Casablanca

“When I think about formalwear, I can’t help but think about Humphrey Bogart rocking that ivory shawl-collar dinner jacket in Casablanca. He’s the epitome of effortless cool, and it’s such a timeless look that it went on to inspire countless other ‘fits in film and real life including Sean Connery’s James Bond two decades later.

I’ve opted for the classic shawl collar with the wider bib shawl style for a little more flair. I’m also partial to a more expressive bowtie (which matches the energy of the lapel). Finally, I know cummerbunds aren’t getting any love these days, but it’s truly the secret sauce that ties the outfit together in an elegant way.”

The Inspiration: Humphrey Bogart’s White Dinner Jacket in Casablanca

  • Harold Custom-Made Shirts from $205, this creation $250

  • Harold Custom-Made Cocktail Jackets from $670, this creation $1,050

  • Harold Custom-Made Dress Pants from $295, this creation $575

Adam Percival, Director of Made-to-Measure

  • A man wearing a pink suit
  • Lapo Elkann

“While browsing through Instagram for inspiration, I stumbled upon a photo of a man posing in front of a green camouflaged Ferrari, adorned in a matching green tuxedo. It didn’t take long to realize this man was Lapo Elkann, the grandson of Fiat chairman Gianni Agnelli, one of the all-time style icons.

What draws me to Lapo is his unmistakable swagger. Regardless of current fashion trends, he wears suits in his own bold, expressive, and consistent manner. As pink is my favorite color, choosing this look was an effortless decision. Lapo Elkann effortlessly owns bright, colorful suits, a style that is uniquely his—and now, mine as well.”

The Inspiration: Italian industrialist Lapo Elkann’s colourful tailoring

  • Harold Custom-Made Suits from $950, this creation $1,750

  • Harold Custom-Made Dress Shirts from $205, this creation $325

Jin Hwang, Visual Presentation Leader 

  • Man wearing a patterned sport jacket
  • Lino Ielluzi

The 'Italian sartorial' vibe, epitomized by Lino Ielluzi, Milan's haberdashery owner, has deeply influenced my style. I first spotted his standout look on The Sartorialist, where he exhibited his usual sprezzatura, devil-may-care style that usually involves a double-breasted jacket.

Taking his cue, I've gone all out with a houndstooth double-breasted jacket, a navy double-breasted waistcoat, matching summer-weight trousers and, finished it off with double-monk-strap shoes. The trick is balancing the boldness with solid colours to create a polished look that’s not overwhelming.”

The Inspiration: Lino Ielluzi, Italian Sartorial

  • Harold Custom-Made Sport Jackets from $670, this creation $875

  • Harold Custom-Made Waistcoats from $285, this creation $430

  • Harold Custom-Made Trousers $295, this creation $575

Marlon GabbidonShoe Leader

  • A man wearing Harold raincoat
  • David Beckham

“I've always admired David Beckham's laid-back style and the way he seamlessly mixes casual with a hint of edge. I’m always keeping an eye on street style in general as well, which brings me a ton of inspiration. I’m especially into the layering in these street-inspired looks.

To capture this aesthetic, I’ve opted for a hooded custom trench with a snap front closure. What sets the coat apart is the intentional oversized fit, allowing room for layering as I’ve done here. I’ve paired it with custom-stretch cotton pants (with no crease) to capture these chill, yet refined vibes.”

The Inspiration: David Beckham, Fashion Week Street Style

  • Harold Custom-Made Rain Coats from $995, this creation $1,025

  • Harold Custom-Made Pants from $295, this creation $295

Harold Custom Garments in 4 Easy Steps

1.‏‏‎ ‎Choose Your Wardrobe: From suits to outerwear to casual pants, the options are endless.

2.‏‏‎ ‎Select Your Fabrics and Construction: Explore our wide range of fabrics sourced from top mills worldwide. Customize your garment to your preferred level of structure, all within your budget.

3.‏‏‎ ‎Personalize the Details: Need extra pockets? A unique lining? Monogramming? It's all as customizable as you like.

4.‏‏‎ ‎Establish Your Fit Profile: Let our experts take your measurements and create your fit profile for effortless ordering in the future.