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Learn What To Wear To An Interview

Before a word is said, you have already spoken volumes with how you’re dressed.

Video Transcript:

Before you say a single word to an interviewer, you have already spoken volumes with how you’re dressed.

Even if the job itself won’t require wearing suits, the interview is a first impression, so let’s make it count.

A plain, dark two-piece suit is your go-to. You don’t want to out dress the interviewer but it’s not appropriate to dress down for an interview either.

A long-sleeve white shirt offers the easiest canvas for a tie, and here you may have a bit of fun. Particularly if you are pairing a solid shirt and a solid suit.

Though we love the pocket square at Harry, avoid wearing one that feels too flamboyant.

Instead, stick to a square-fold cotton pocket square so you’re not forgoing the detail entirely, but you’re also not distracting from the main event, which is you!

Dark socks to match your suit and proper dress shoes are the finishing touches.

There are plenty of great shoe options like these Monkstraps, oxfords or wingtips; and you’ll get tons of wear out of them. I promise!

That’s the basics. Oh, and don’t forget to smile! If you’d like more specific advice consider an appointment with a Harry Rosen Clothing Advisor.

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