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Ask Harry: How to Get the Most Out of an Overcoat

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By: Harry Rosen StaffDate: 2023-10-11

We certainly appreciate that there’s a time and place for puffers, but it doesn’t get more versatile than an overcoat. These three looks are anchored by the same overcoat, though vastly vary in formality.

First, a classic business look, where our overcoat perfectly complements tailored pieces. This outfit exudes a timeless elegance suitable for the modern workplace. Pair your overcoat with a dress shirt or a well-woven knit and complete the ensemble with leather dress shoes or boots.

Next, we have the casual look that effortlessly embraces a relaxed aesthetic. Swap out your dress shoes for a comfortable pair of sneakers, and feel free to layer a hoodie under the coat. Trust us, the juxtaposition between your overcoat and the casual items in your wardrobe will be a winning combination.

Lastly, event dressing. This look showcases how well an overcoat can elevate your formal attire. The fine fabric drapes elegantly and adds a touch of sophistication to complement your formal garments, be it a tuxedo, a cocktail jacket, or any other evening attire.

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