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    Moncler & Off-White Launch Collaboration


    For its inaugural season, Moncler O has drawn inspiration from North Sea fishermen. Its updated staples riff on the protective apparel worn through stormy seas.

    Let’s be honest. Moncler and Off-White are an unexpected creative partnership. The former is a purveyor of luxury outerwear with a rich history that harkens back to clothing European mountaineers. Off-White is a much-hyped casualwear newcomer favoured by fashion trailblazers. (In fact, head designer Virgil Abloh is also Kayne West’s innovative creative director.) Together the design houses have bridged the gap between high fashion and street style to produce a forward-thinking new line entitled Moncler O.


    For its inaugural season, the collection has drawn inspiration from fishermen in the North Sea. These updated staples riff on the protective apparel worn through stormy weather. Think sturdy jackets, fleece sweaters and splashy tees that ascribe to a “form follows function” philosophy. Detachable hoods, patch pockets and bungee drawstrings contribute to the line’s utilitarian tone. While rubberized logos and vibrant yellow accents reference the mariner theme in a thoroughly modern way.


    "The best part of working on the Moncler collaboration was being able to work with a different range of fabrics and the technical ability to make garments,” says Virgil Abloh. In turn, Moncler tapped into the American designer’s urban savvy. Moncler O simply takes the best from both brands – it is performance apparel that features progressive silhouettes and bold graphics brimming with attitude.