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3 Ways To Tie Your Scarf


There are all sorts of fashionable variations on how to wear your scarf.

Scarf Winter Wear

Everyone knows the purpose of a scarf is to keep your neck warm on a cold day – but that’s only half the story. A scarf is to an overcoat what a tie is to a suit. It’s an opportunity for self-expression, a chance to brighten up your winter coat with a hit of colour and pattern. And, just as there are many ways to knot your tie, there are all sorts of fashionable variations on how you wear your scarf.


The first lesson is that an asymmetrically tied scarf is not only acceptable, it’s also totally cool. That unstudied, natural, European look is your goal – even if achieving it takes a little practice.


To make life easier, we’ve put together some helpful diagrams for you to use as a guide. Which style you choose may be determined by the coat or jacket you’re wearing – or whatever takes your fancy on any particular morning. A good scarf can complete your winter outfit. Oh yes – it’ll keep your neck warm, too.

Scarf Winter Wear
Scarf Winter Wear