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Getting expert advice individualized for you during your online shopping experience has never been easier thanks to’s new service, which is nothing short of a direct conduit to your personal Clothing Advisor. How does it work? The way that good service should: easily, comfortably and, yes, personally.


Here’s a quick guide:


1. Find the widget

Anchored in the bottom left-hand corner of every page at is a small black rectangular box that tech types call a “widget.” The widget reads, simply, “Connect with a personal Clothing Advisor.” Even when you scroll an individual webpage, the widget sits in the same place – because it’s designed to be there for you when you need it. Click on the widget and it will expand to a larger rectangle with new options.


2. Do you have a personal Clothing Advisor?

If you don’t have a Harry Rosen personal Clothing Advisor, click on whichever of the three communications options best suits you – “Live Chat,” “Appointment” or “Email Me” – and fill in the appropriate information fields. You’ll have the opportunity to choose the most convenient store (likely the one that autoprompts, because the widget is geographically intelligent), through which an Advisor will be assigned to you. If you do have a Harry Rosen personal Clothing Advisor, you can still click on any of those three options – “Live Chat,” “Appointment” or “Email Me” – and fill in the appropriate information fields. The fastest route is to simply go to the line at the bottom of the widget: “Already know a Clothing Advisor?” and click “Search now.”


3. Find your personal Clothing Advisor

When you use “Already know a Clothing Advisor?,” a window pops up. Its header reads, “Find your Harry Rosen Clothing Advisor.” Beneath that header is a scrollable, alphabetical list of full names and headshots for every Clothing Advisor at the store nearest your current location. If you are travelling in another city, the closest store to you will appear, but you can always select from the list of stores for your specific store and Clothing Advisor. Now, just click on the name.


4. Visit your personal Clothing Advisor’s “Storefront”

Each individual Advisor page includes the Advisor’s “Storefront,” an aggregate of general recommendations and favourite looks, always rounded out by pro-active fashion advice sourced from the website’s popular Harry’s Notebook section. More importantly, each individual page includes the mouse-click option for “Live Chat,” “Appointment” or “Email Me.”


5. Your meeting with your personal Clothing Advisor

After completing the widget’s initial steps, you benefit from a process that isn’t just efficient and personal – it’s also convenient. Your personal Clothing Advisor arranges a time for a discussion by phone or online that suits you, wherever you’re located. Your Clothing Advisor can also email individualized selections of merchandise for you to look at before the discussion. These selections – essentially, customer lookbooks – can evolve, too. As they should: Harry Rosen customers are rarely one-time shoppers, and every selection portfolio is stored in our system. This means that your lookbook history can be used to inspire future suggestions.


6. Purchasing from your personal Clothing Advisor

The hits just keep on clicking: you can order any item of merchandise agreed upon during a consultation – whether by phone, email or live chat – on the spot, with none of the typical online shopping rigmarole. Your personal Clothing Advisor takes care of the entire ordering process and emails a secure link for easy payment. You can choose in-store pick-up or home delivery.