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Winter’s Essential Accessories


Combat cold weather in luxurious hats, scarves and gloves.


Canadians know winter accessories aren’t just a want but a need. There's nothing fashionable about frostbite, after all. It’s wise to ready yourself with a smart selection of hats, scarves and gloves close at hand. They offer that extra layer of coverage to keep you feeling comfortable no matter the weather.


Practicality aside, designer accessories are also great for adding a contrasting point of texture and colour to your outfit. Our curated edit of scarves, gloves and hats look as good as they perform.




A scarf is to an overcoat what a tie is to a suit. It’s an opportunity for self-expression and enlivening your outfit. And, just as there are many ways to tie a tie, there are all sorts of unique ways to wrap a scarf. We encourage wearing yours asymmetrically for that unstudied European look.


Gloves have evolved beyond their functionality to become a fashion statement. Brands like Hestra are introducing upscale materials (think exotic leathers and cashmere linings). Others like Canada Goose and HONNS offer innovating technological advancements (including touchscreen capabilities). It’s modern luxury literally at your fingertips.


Hats are one of the best ways to complete your winter outfit. They can be the finishing touch on a suit, or the last thing you grab on your way to the gym. And, while knit toques are the Canadian hat of choice, adventurous men may feel inclined to embrace the weather in a fur-trimmed aviator style.