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Who is Hardy Amies?

Who is Hardy Amies?

(Featured here at his desk at No. 14 Savile Row)

September 19, 2016 


Sir Edwin Hardy Amies personified demure English charm throughout his extraordinary ninety-three-year life. Even before the designer’s clothing success, he cemented his place in history as a knighted WWII Officer recognized for his cunning work with a Belgian intelligence unit. (Rumours suggest Amies had his military uniform expertly tailored from premium Loden wool —as opposed to classic khaki— an indicator of just how particular he was about matters of style.)


Upon completing his war efforts, the ambitious Brit decided to utilize his nimble hands and creative wit to launch his own fashion house. Hardy Amies quickly became a favourite among young dandies who appreciated his well-honed eye for superior quality and smart minimalism.



The style luminary went on to make a name for himself clothing the royal family and held the honoured title of official dressmaker to Queen Elizabeth II. Amies’ impressive portfolio also includes creating futuristic costumes for the epic film 2001: A Space Odyssey, penning a column for Esquire magazine, and a book entitled ABC of Men's Fashion.


A true sartortial pioneer, Hardy Amies was the first-ever to produce a runway show for men in 1961. He ultimately became one of London’s most celebrated arbiters of taste, unafraid to challenge conventions while remaining conscious of tailoring traditions. Above all else, Hardy Amies was a venerable force in fashion globally sought-after for his unwavering sophistication.



The prolific 20th-century designer’s innate elegance posthumously lives on through his namesake label. In fact, the UK company continues to operate from No.14 Savile Row in Mayfair, which was initially inhabited by Amies back in 1945.


While respecting the house’s heritage, Hardy Amies’ creative team works rigorously to reinvent the quintessential British wardrobe in streamlined proportions and elevated materials. The discerning fall 2016 collection features luxe overcoats, wool cargo pants, knit cardigans, and sport jackets that beautifully honour the legacy of its innovative founder. The backbone of each look remains rooted in precision tailoring free from superfluous details.


These tried-and-true clothes cater to the needs of modern gentlemen while effortlessly transitioning across cosmopolitan and country landscapes.



Shop highlights of the collection: