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    How to mix and match your shirt and tie

    Matching the right shirt and tie – understanding the ground rules of style. Shop Dress Shirts and Ties


    Video Transcript:

    Many men find it intimidating to select a shirt and tie to go together. The first thing you have to do is relax. Breathe deep. Lay a few things down on the bed and consider your options. Let’s start with the basic principles. For boldly striped or patterned shirt, choose a subtle tie with plenty of the background colour showing in its pattern. More combinations work than you may think. With plainer shirts, try a bolder tie. Look for some harmony of colour and you’re on your way. Or if doubts persist, bring a bunch of your ties and shirts to our store and one of our associates would be happy to work out some combinations with you. One last tip, at the end of the day those boldly coloured dress shirts look great on their own with a suit or a jacket. Simply take off your tie, unbutton the collar, and you’re ready for an evening out.