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Do I really need a tuxedo?

Our CEO Larry Rosen knows a thing or two about black tie dressing. Here, he discusses the necessary elements for creating your formal eveningwear look.

Video Transcript:

As your career progresses, your personal or professional life may call for you to attend more formal, black tie events. This question highlights a common problem: A man never looks good in a rented tux. He knows this, and it affects his confidence - and therefore his enjoyment - of any event. But if you swallow deep and invest in a tuxedo of your own, everything suddenly changes. You know you look great. You start to look forward to opportunities that call for evening dress, and you end up going to more and more events.

Myself, I prefer a single-breasted, peak lapel tuxedo. In addition to a tux, you will require a formal shirt, bowtie and cummerbund, possibly a formal tie, black evening shoes, formal suspenders, studs and links, and, of course, the finishing touch: a white pocket square.

And those are just the basics. Enjoy your next black tie event!