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Learn How Your Suit Should Fit

Harry Rosen explains how a suit should fit on your body.

Video Transcript:

Whether you wear a suit every day, or only on occasion, ensuring you look your best and feel confident is something the experts at Harry Rosen have the experience to help you with.

Let me share a few pointers that we can apply, regardless of whether your style leans toward a classic or contemporary silhouette.

How the jacket hangs off your shoulders, and the drape of the lapel are the foundations when choosing a ready to wear suit. We want as good a fit as possible before we consider any alterations.

The shoulders should be rounded and smooth with no dimpling or rumpling. The lapels should be flat and smooth against your chest. The collar should be smooth against your neck with no bunching or gaping.

The jacket should be fitted to your body – top button at the slimmest part of your waist – with no pulling across the closure.

Sleeves should be smooth with minimal twisting and end just above your wrist, leaving a quarter to half an inch of your shirt cuff exposed. Vents should lay flat with no flaring or tugging.

Now, on to the trousers. Pants should be fastened at your natural waist. The seat should be smooth with no creasing or sagging. The break should naturally crease just above your shoes.

While some rules of style are fun to break, the fit of a suit should be non-negotiable. Consider an appointment with a Harry Rosen Clothing Advisor for the benefit of experience when it comes to your next suit.

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