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Modern wedding attire tailored to your most important occasions

Happily Ever After

Cocktail Jackets: A Celebratory Showstopper

Dressing for a wedding doesn’t need to feel stuffy, no matter what role you’re playing on the day. Whether you’re the groom or an esteemed guest, wearing a rakish cocktail or sport jacket (under the right context, of course) has that certain ability to split an entire room in half with its showstopping presence. The key to that little party trick here is knowing just how to pull a more pronounced sport jacket off.

“The cocktail jacket delicately dances the line between formal and fun and blurs the borders between classic heritage sensibilities and more modern style influences.”

—Shannon Stewart, Executive Vice President & Chief Product Officer

For the Guest

As a rule of thumb, wedding guests should try their best to never outshine the event with what they're wearing. However, more casual weddings where traditions aren’t followed quite as closely as others, perhaps, sport jackets with bolder colours and more playful cuts can look spectacular.

Whether you opt for a dressier cocktail jacket or a more easygoing sport jacket or blazer, don’t be afraid to get adventurous with more personal details like the jacket’s lining and signature monograms. These features are generally tucked away out of sight anyway, but add an unmistakable element of personality to a jacket.

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For the Groom

As a groom, your role on wedding day will differ significantly between your ceremony and reception. During the ceremony, it’s all about looking cool, composed, and classic while delivering your vows.

However, during your reception, spicing your attire is more than encouraged. Afterall, when a suitably celebratory dinner and more than a few liquid refreshments are likely on the menu, what you’re wearing should pair appropriately.

Enter: the cocktail jacket — this garment delicately dances along the line between formal and fun and blurs the borders between classic heritage sensibilities and more modern style influences. The best part? Unlike a wedding gown, a thoughtfully designed cocktail or sport jacket will continue to serve you well for years to come while attending special occasions, holiday parties, and landmark events.

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