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Pitti Uomo Street Style: June ‘24 Trend Report

Our round-up of the top street style trends attendees of Pitti Uomo 106 wore in Florence this season.

By: Logan RossDate: 2024-06-19

Twice a year, the Who’s Who of the men’s fashion industry gather in one of Europe’s most charming cities to present, purchase, and peacock at Pitti Uomo – the world’s most famous menswear tradeshow.

While all official business happens within the event grounds of Fortezza da Basso, a picturesque medieval-era fortress complete with cobblestoned streets and a now infamously sat-on semi-wall, the most eye-catching scenes are spotted outside the Fortezza’s tall walls.

Attendees making grand entrances or shuttling between shows become the marvel of the menswear world for an all-too-brief week of street style mania, and, as per usual, Montréal-based photographer Marc Richardson (@shooting.people) was there to capture it all.

Now that it’s done and dusted, we’re recapping the event with our four top trends from the four days of Pitti Uomo 106.

White/ Cream Jackets

  • a man in a white suit walking down a street with a cell phone
  • a man in a white suit walking down a street
  • a man in a white suit and tie holding a blue bag
  • a man in a white suit walking down the street
  • a man in a white suit and black shirt walking down a street
  • a man in a white suit walking down a street with other men

It’s about as easy to spot a double-breasted jacket at Pitti Uomo as it is to spot a Tim Hortons in downtown Toronto. That said, white double-breasted jackets in particular were ubiquitous at Pitti this season.

White is, albeit, a quintessential colour for summer tailoring, though there seemed to be a unique proportion of double-breasted jackets across the four-day event. While a statement piece perhaps in concept, these looks from Florence illustrate how timeless and versatile a white DB can be.

The Fisherman Vest

  • a man in a vest and jeans standing in front of a wall
  • a man walking down a street with a pink hat on
  • a man in a yellow vest with a cell phone in his hand
  • a man in a yellow vest and a red shirt walking down the street

Fashion and function have often butted heads, especially when one feels the need to “dress up” for something as scrutinized as Pitt. That typically means utilitarian garments such as the fisherman vest, touting pockets aplenty, are favoured by those stood out of the limelight, like photographers.

This season, however, attendees who intended on being snapped by menswear’s most followed street style photographers proudly showcased their take on the now fashion-friendly fisherman vest (and fishing enthusiasts everywhere collectively rejoiced).


  • a man in a blue jacket and white pants walking down the street
  • a woman walking down the street with a black bag
  • man wearing sport jacket and striped polo walking in the street
  • man wearing striped t-shirt and sport jacket holding cellphone walking in the street

Stripes have long been a traditional naval motif and thus are often associated with the spring and summer, the best seasons to spend by the sea. The Breton stripe, comprised of horizontal stripes alternating in navy and blue, which is named after the Brittany coast in France, is the most classic example.

The pattern certainly received its perennial embrace at Pitti this season, with many attendees proudly donning striped underpinnings with tailored and casual looks. With the official start of summer trailing Pitti Uomo 106 by just a few days, we’ve interpreted this as a foreshadow to an enjoyable summer by the sea. Mongibello, anyone?

Neckerchiefs/Neck Scarves

  • a man in white suit walking down a crowded street
  • a man in a green shirt and white pants walking down a street
  • man walking in the street wearing glasses, neck scarf, t-shirt, jeans with belt and overshirt
  • a man with a hat and glasses standing next to a man with a tie

The neckerchief or neck scarf has historically held associations with cowboys, outlaws, sailors, and old-school blue-collar labourers, though if the previous few seasons of Pitti Uomo are anything to go by, they’ll soon adopt an association with menswear enthusiasts as well.

Bandanas and neck scarves were once again a central trend at the trade show and it’s easy to understand why; the piece is an effective tool for dealing with perspiration while also offering an opportunity to add decorative accent colours and designs in lieu of a traditional shirt and tie.

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