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Ask Harry: Pleated Pants

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By: Harry Rosen StaffDate: 2023-03-10

Q: What’s the deal with pleated pants? I finally got on board with slim pants and now I’m seeing wider legs and pleats? Do I hang onto the slim look or give these a go?

— Sean (Toronto, ON)

Pleats have, somewhat unfairly, earned a bad rep over the years, but they serve a function by allowing a little more breathing room up top where it matters most. Today, some of the coolest-looking pants come with pleats.

This pair from Brunello Cucinelli, for example, incorporates a single pleat (rather than those multi-pleat monsters you may remember from the ’90s) and fit elegantly, sitting high on the hips and falling to the shoe with a slight taper. HAROLD, GABBA, Luigi Bianchi, and more are making lavish, comfortable pleated pairs you’ll fall in love with.

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