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Staff Picks: Resortwear

Heading away on a sunny escape? Logan Ross, Senior Copywriter, offers his top picks to pack in your travel bag this season.

By: Harry Rosen Staff

Investing in a new pair of swim shorts and some posh linen trousers in the middle of winter can feel counterintuitive to say the least. What use are pool slides in three feet of snow, one might justifiably ask?

To that we retort: what justification does one need to seek sunshine, sea breezes, and a brief-albeit-stylish sabbatical from the winter tundra?

If you, like our Senior Copywriter Logan Ross, are dreaming of a sunny escape this travel season, then take confidence in knowing he’s already identified a few key pieces you won’t want to leave behind.

Oscar Linen-Cotton Chinos, Frescobol Carioca

“I always say that white linen trousers are essential on a sunny vacation but once the sun goes down I find light-coloured pants don't look as sharp. This drawstring pair from Frescobol Carioca offer everything I love about easy, breezy linen pants in a versatile shade of dark blue, which means they're perfect for wearing out to dinner.”

Sport Angra Print Swim Shorts, Frescobol Carioca

“Whether you think I’m old school or trying to be trendy, I’ve always been a fan of shorter-length swimwear over board shorts. I also like to keep them relatively simple so I can wander from the beach or the pool directly over to the bar without raising many eyebrows. These navy blue Angra print swim shorts are just the right mixture of playful and tasteful for me.”

Linen Sport Shirt, PATRICK ASSARAF

Linen is my favourite warm weather fabric and that’s why I always pack a plain white linen button-up like this one whenever I travel somewhere hot and sunny. The fabric breathes exceptionally well on its own though undoing a button or two here and there also helps you keep cool (plus experiment with silhouette and formality). I find the number of buttons I’ve undone also largely correlates to the number of Negroni’s I’ve had.”

Charli Organic Cotton Terry-Blend Polo, Vilebrequin

“I love this Terry Cloth polo because it reminds me of something Sean Connery wore in Goldfinger, one of my favourite Bond films of all time. This baby blue button-up is similar in colour to 007's, paying great homage to the mid-century style. The toweling fabric is also designed to get wet, which means this'll serve you well whether you decide to go for a dip or not.”

Rafael Panama Hat, Frescobol Carioca

“I’m not necessarily a ‘hat guy’ but it’s hard to argue against wearing one in certain circumstances – namely if it’s 20 degrees either side of freezing. If you’re wearing this classic straw Panama hat by Frescobol Carioca, you’re most likely keeping the sun out of your face rather than the snow, which is exactly what this wide-brimmed hat does best. Play it safe by embracing this beachy look – at least while you’re away – and packing some SPF.”

Waffle Textured Cuban Shirt, OAS

“OAS made its name with resortwear and no style is as symbolic of the brand (in my opinion) as its Cuban-collared shirts. The first ones to grab my attention had audacious prints and bold colours and were made of toweling fabric. This more muted version comes in a neutral colour so it’s easier to pair with clothes you already have, though the interesting waffle texture will still help you stand out amongst the crowd.”

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