A webinar series about life, business and leadership featuring key thought leaders.

We’re of the opinion that to truly do your best, you need to feel your best as well. That's why we've started our Set The Tone Webinar Series which invites Canadian thought leaders and role models to chat about current events, their passions and how they set the tone for their personal and professional lives.

Episode 2: Creativity Lives On

Our second episode welcomes award-winning stage, film and television actor, Colm Feore, a veteran of the Stratford Festival best known for his leading performances in films like Bon Cop, Bad Cop and CBC's Trudeau.

In this episode we will discuss the ways our cultural and creative sectors are navigating the pandemic while staying inspired at home. The lively discussion will be Hosted by Michael LeBlanc, Producer and Host of The Voice of Retail Podcast. Watch the full conversation below.

Meet the Speakers


Left: Colm Feore, Award-Winning Stage, Film and Television Actor
Hosted by: Michael E. LeBlanc, Producer and Host of The Voice of Retail Podcast

Episode 1: Setting The Tone For Leadership

Our first episode dives into a lively discussion on Setting The Tone For Leadership, featuring guests Larry Rosen, Chairman and CEO of Harry Rosen, and Jane Gaynor, Founder of Gain Your Edge Coaching. The series is hosted by Michael LeBlanc, Producer and Host of The Voice of Retail Podcast.

Meet the Speakers

Left to Right: Larry Rosen, Chairman & CEO, HARRY ROSEN
Jane Gaynor, Founder and Certified Coach, GAIN YOUR EDGE COACHING INC.
Hosted by Micharl E. Leblanc, Producer and Host, THE VOICE OF RETAIL PODCAST

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