Tom Ford

Black Orchid and Ombré Leather Eau de Parfum Travel Spray Set

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Step into TOM FORD's world of luxurious and timeless sophistication with the modern, enticing Black Orchid (10 ml) eau de parfum—the most potent version of Black Orchid ever made. Deep, dramatic, and dark hues encapsulate the imagination thanks to black truffle, black plum, and rum-soaked ylang ylang flowers. Bitter orange lends its fresh citrus essence to the rich, spicy scent. Spritz to envelop yourself in golden sensuality, unleashing a rare, extraordinary power around you. The sleek bottle is inspired by 1920s and 1930s architecture.

“I have always been obsessed with finding the deepest black, black orchids. For me, it is really the perfect flower. Elegant. Luxurious. The only thing is, it didn’t exist...” —Tom Ford

TOM FORD'S Ombré Leather (10 ml) eau de parfum is inspired by the runway. Taking a fashion-forward approach to eau de parfum, it features notes of black leather, moss, cardamom and jasmine. Cool spices lend a handsome scent to the wearer.
Style #20068197000
  • Travel spray
  • Made in Switzerland
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