Restorative Bolster

$112.00Colour: Beige/Natural/T
Halfmoon's Restorative Bolster was designed specifically for the restorative practice or for those tall yogis (over 6ft) who benefit from some extra length on their bolster. The rectangular shape promotes a gentle chest opening and subtle back-bending when placing it beneath the spine and lying on your back. This bolster's generous size and flat stable surface area are designed to perfectly support your entire upper body in restorative yoga poses like Supported Fish and Supported Twist. This product is part of the Halfmoon Premium Linen Collection and is a premium, timeless, and earth-friendly option. With an elevated, yet artisanal aesthetic, you can invest in this luxurious fabric option in good-conscience. The low levels of water used to grow the flax plants in creating these fibers, make it much more earth-friendly than alternative fibers in the market.
Style #20078402061
  • Removable & washable cover
  • Handstuffed in Burnaby, BC
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