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Zegna Retailored

The natural evolution of one of the world’s great luxury brands leads menswear into the modern era.

By: Logan RossDate: 2024-03-21

Decades ago, Zegna was confined to specialty menswear stores; now, it dominates the fashion scene. It’s no secret as to why: The brand's allure lies in its manufacturing of exceptional fabrics and using those same fabrics for well-constructed garments. For Zegna, only the very best can result in the very best.

While once focused on traditional menswear staples like suits and knitwear, Zegna now embraces a modern direction, catering to clients seeking versatility in their wardrobes.

  • Man on a plane wearing Zegna
  • Man wearing Zegna
Photos Provided by Zegna

Alessandro Sartori’s ‘New Suit’

While you can (and should) continue to trust Zegna to craft perhaps the very best suit you've ever owned, the brand is increasingly renowned for adaptable pieces that blur the lines between formal and casual, contemporary and classic. Alessandro Sartori, Zegna's artistic director, envisions the "new suit" as simply a combination of matching tops and bottoms in the same color and fabric.

Individual styles seamlessly integrate into full tonal fits as Zegna produces multiple garments in the exact same color, facilitating full-body, monochromatic looks.

"Key pieces and hybrid garments represent the centerpieces of our modern wardrobe, where icons like the ALBA Overshirt and the Triple Stitch Sneaker embody the dynamic needs and evolving attitudes of modern men," says Sartori.

Don’t Forget the Footwear

Harry Rosen stores nationwide struggle to maintain regular stock of Zegna's signature Triple Stitch Sneaker, a globally recognized symbol of understated luxury and the finishing touch to every contemporary Zegna ensemble. This season, however, the launch of the Triple Stitch Secondskin, the latest iteration of Zegna's iconic shoe, is poised to shake up the market once again.

"This iconic shoe has achieved global success for Zegna. Designed for any time and any place, it's celebrated for its softness, lightness, and remarkably flexible construction," says Sartori. "Since its debut, it has been the cornerstone of Zegna's modern wardrobe."

Wherever the world's elite gather this year—whether on Hollywood's red carpets, Milan's fashion runways, or Abu Dhabi's Formula 1 paddock—the new slip-on sneaker is destined to be a ubiquitous presence.

A Brighter Future

Environmental responsibility has long been a cornerstone of Zegna's ethos, predating the era when "sustainability" became a commonplace term in the industry. Oasi Zegna stands as a testament to this commitment—a sprawling 100 km² nature park and reserve nestled in the Biellese Alps of Piedmont, Northern Italy. Established by the company's founder, Ermenegildo Zegna, in 1910, it now boasts over 500,000 trees.

Zegna's Oasi Cashmere range further underscores its dedication to sustainability, striving for full fibre traceability and end-to-end production transparency by the current year. This entails accountability at every stage of the production process, from goat to garment.

"All our collections feature a new generation of fabrics that represent a new frontier for us at Zegna," says Sartori. "Despite this evolution, they are crafted with the same expertise and passion that has defined Zegna for over 110 years, remaining integral to our identity. This commitment is what sets us apart and makes us authentic."