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Wedding Style: What Your Suit Says About You

Meet the big day in style with HAROLD, Canali, ZEGNA, TOM FORD, and Kiton.

By: Jeremy FreedDate: 2023-06-06

The suit is deceptively simple. It consists of just two main elements, a jacket and a pair of trousers, but within these is an entire universe of variation. From what fabric is used to the way a jacket is cut to the countless subtle details like hand-stitched button holes and hidden monograms, suits are as infinitely variable as the men who wear them. This is doubly true in summer when a whole new range of bright colours, bold patterns, and lightweight fabrics expands your options even further. If a summer wedding – or any other important event – is in your future, consult this handy guide to match yourself with a brand that speaks to the occasion, as well as your personality and style.

The Hypebeast

What he’s wearing:  HAROLD

How to spot him: The only rule in this style-savvy guy’s book is that there are no rules, and that applies to suits as much as anything else in his wardrobe. Whatever the occasion, he’s all about combining diverse influences from niche streetwear pieces to high-performance technical gear with aplomb.

Harry Rosen’s in-house collection of custom-made and ready-to-wear suiting is made for guys who value quality as much as personal style. With a wide array of styles and fabrics and a huge range of customizable details from buttons to custom linings, a HAROLD suit is designed to be as individual as the guy who wears it.

The Silver Fox

What he’s wearing:  Canali 

How to spot him: He’s been around the block and he knows that appearances matter, but he’s not one to go all-in on trends. He also knows excellent value when he sees it. That translates to a look that’s equal parts traditional and modern, and an always-tasteful wardrobe that’s built to stand the test of time.

This legendary Italian tailor has been in business for nearly a century and remains committed to keeping standards high across the board. That means suiting that’s built to last, with a timeless colour palette, classic silhouettes, and high-quality materials throughout.

The Creative Director

What he’s wearing:  ZEGNA 

How to spot him: When he’s not coming up with brilliant ideas at his standing desk, he can be found exploring the latest gallery opening or sampling the tasting menu at the hottest new restaurant in town. Likewise, his wardrobe is all about embracing new concepts, from suits cut from technical fabrics to avant-garde designer sneakers.

Constant innovation is at the heart of this Italian fashion house, which has a hand in every step of the process from the sheep farm to the retail floor. The result is suiting that’s as fashionable as it is well-made, with modern cuts, and some of the best high-performance fabrics in the business.

The Aesthete

What he’s wearing: TOM FORD

How to spot him: He’s hard to miss. This man is dedicated to putting his most stylish foot forward every day of the week, and he’s not one to shy away from the spotlight. He loves fashion and has a unique point of view on all things, particularly his clothes.

Few names in men’s fashion command as much respect as Ford, who transformed Gucci and Saint Laurent before redefining 20th-century menswear at his namesake brand. As such, his suits are as luxurious as they are distinctive, with their signature body-hugging fits, broad shoulders, and the occasional perfectly placed flourish of velvet or satin.

The High Roller

What he's wearing: Kiton

How to spot him: This power player doesn’t just demand the best of everything, he also understands acutely what makes it so. His whole life is carefully curated and meticulously considered, and he has an encyclopedic knowledge about what makes each choice special, from the art on his walls to the watch on his wrist.

Every industry has its outlier on the top end, the one brand that goes the extra mile and caters to the most discerning of customers. Kiton is that name in suiting. Despite its global reach, Kiton suits are still handmade in the traditional way by a team of skilled Italian artisans, with unparalleled attention to detail. From hand-stitched buttonholes to rare Vicuna fabrics, this is as good as suiting gets.