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Su Misura: Personalized Distinction

Date: 2018-10-17

Immersed in the winter green lies a beautiful place where every leaf tells its story. Just like the distinctive style of every ZEGNA Su Misura experience.

Su Misura caters to a man’s needs starting the instant he sets an appointment through the delivery of his custom-made wardrobe. Guided in the choice of over 500 precious fabrics and customizable details, the meticulous eye of a Su Misura specialist will match his tastes with expertly-crafted clothing – even for the most informal occasions.

Su Misura starts with Zegna’s proprietary wool farm in Australia and the fabrics woven at its Lanificio in Trivero: 15MilMil15 superfine merino for suits and Casco Comfort with its easygoing velveteen feel for casually elegant attire. The newest luxury, Oasi Cashmere, is made with an innovate dyeing process where colours are exclusively obtained from natural elements such as herbs, wood, leaves and roots. An inherently sustainable project, it is inspired by Oasi Zegna, the territory for which it is named.

Tailored by Su Misura allows a man to project his character within a wardrobe that responds to each occasion. Cuts, collars, cuffs and buttons are all personalized and assembled in just a few weeks. Final touches, including the application of a custom label, are done by hand and backed by the same craftsmanship heritage that has distinguished ZEGNA since 1910.