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NHL All-Stars Suit Up with Harry Rosen

Hockey meets HAROLD: The 2024 NHL All-Stars get tailored by Harry Rosen

By: Harry Rosen StaffDate: 2024-02-15

Much has been made of professional sports’ tunnel walks resembling modern-day fashion runways. Athletes performing on the world’s biggest stages are finally dressing the part, and care more than ever before about what they’re wearing when they step off the team bus.

In the world of professional hockey, the same sentiment rings true – especially for the best of the best. When the world’s eyes are watching, only custom-made tailoring will do.

  • A man with a black beanie and a man with a beard
  • A man in a suit getting his jacket adjusted by another man

In collaboration with The Fourth Period, a dedicated Hockey lifestyle magazine, we hung out with dozens of NHL All-Stars from the class of 2024 across a three-day period leading up to the big game on Saturday, February 3 at Scotiabank Arena in Toronto.

We welcomed the All-Stars to our deluxe room within the penthouse suite of Toronto’s SoHo Hotel to be fitted for a custom-made Harold suit. Among other Harry Rosen team members, Adam Percival, Director of Made-to-Measure, was there to fit the hockey pros and guide them through the personal process.

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  • A man in a suit and tie looking at something

The players were invited to select from a wide range of fabric and lining swatch books on-site while deciding on the seemingly limitless construction and styling options available through Harold custom-made.

The custom experience didn’t stop there – a representative from Varsity Headwear was there to offer custom engraving onto the metal clasps of their premium hats.

A rack of men's shirts and ties hanging on a rack

Legends, current pros, and hockey VIPs in all areas of the game were also welcome to place custom-made Harold orders at our suite throughout the three-day event.

Keep an eye out for these All-Stars, with garments taking an average of four weeks to deliver, you’re sure to spot them wearing their new custom-made Harold suits during a tunnel walk soon.