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Luxury’s Top Trends to Try this Spring

Discover this season’s most intriguing trends highlighted in our new luxury collections.

By: Harry Rosen StaffDate: 2024-02-23

(Muted) Patterns & Prints

A man in a Zegna suit walking in the desert

Spring is traditionally the season when patterns and prints garner most attention; we’ve all heard Meryl Streep’s infamously sarcastic line in The Devil Wears Prada, “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.” However, this spring, our luxury collections have taken a similar approach with a much more muted execution.

Florals, paisleys, glen checks, plaids, and herringbone patterns are all spotted across collections, each working to tell a subtle yet elegant story that harkens back to classic heritage menswear aesthetics.

Fabric Focus

  • A man in a blue blazer and white checkered suit
  • A man wearing a Eton sport shirt with a colorful pattern

There’s also nothing revolutionary about switching over to lighter-weight fabrics during the year’s warmest months. This season, however, less common ‘summer’ fabrics are being woven into blends or reimagined to better serve the demands of the season.

Alongside familiar warm-climate classics like seersucker, linen, and silk are fabrics and blends that contain bamboo, cashmere, and wool, of which the latter two are both naturally thermo-regulating and anti-microbial, which means they’ll keep you cool and comfy all season long.

Sustainable Outset

  • A man in a tan jacket with his hand on his hip
  • A close up of a man in a white jacket and tan pants

The world’s most sought-after luxury designers aren’t just leading the way in terms of styling and quality but in terms of sustainability, too. With an increasing emphasis being placed on environmental responsibility, we’ve seen many top labels adjusting their collections accordingly.

For example, Zegna leads the charge through its fabric traceability ethos, particularly evident in its Oasi lino and cashmere lines, where full transparency about each item’s lifespan, from goat to garment, is openly available. Swedish shirtmakers Eton has also committed to ensuring 100% of the cotton fibres used in its shirts are either organic or recycled by 2025, among other initiatives.

Soft Soles

Three pairs of men's shoes are sitting on top of sand

It’s often said that the highest quality shoes take the longest to ‘break in,’ though this season’s selection of luxury footwear begs to differ. In fact, we think a marker of true luxury is when a shoe feels soft and pliable right out of the box.

This spring, expect to wear supple shoes characterized by woven leathers, soft suedes, and rich interpretations of classic styles repurposed for comfort and ease in subtly refined ways.