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Is Made To Measure Really Worth It?

By: HARRY ROSEN EDITORSDate: 2017-09-08
We applaud your interest in seeking out well-fitting tailored clothing. Whether you’re wearing a suit, a sport jacket or something more casual, your outfit tells the world that you have the confidence to dress with intent. Even modestly priced off-the-rack numbers can look like a million bucks with the right nips and tucks.

But there’s something special about custom garments that we think every man should experience if he has the means to. Made To Measure is an adaptation of a designer’s pattern to your exacting specifications in a fabric chosen by you. With some exceptions the service will generally cost you 10 to 15 per cent more than its Ready To Wear counterparts. But the advantages are incalculable. While many use the term bespoke interchangeably, it’s a much more rarified service with costs reflecting the extreme personalization. Here the only pattern is you.


With custom suiting the options are so vast you’ll want to find a trusted clothing advisor who can seamlessly guide you through the process.


The great thing is that you’ll have a say in every element of your prospective business battle armour. Do you want a classic twill or a lightweight silk-wool blend? Say you need to accommodate your larger thighs. No problem. Everything is individual - there’s so many little things you can do to truly make it your own. You can pick the lining, buttons, pockets, and more.


But the service is about more than just getting a new suit – my father Harry taught us that it’s about the experience. That’s what makes a custom suit one of life’s great indulgences.


— Larry Rosen, CEO, Harry Rosen Inc.