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Create Your Look With BOSS

Build the suit you want — and step out in style every time.

By: HARRY ROSEN EDITORSDate: 2017-09-05

In the long history of ready-to-wear suits, there has never been anything quite like BOSS’s new Create Your Look program. For men with an athletic build, a world of options has suddenly opened up.

“There are so many options to fit a wide variety of body types. Beyond the fit advantages, BOSS’ new line allows for more wardrobe flexibility,” explains buyer Ed Liston. “The beauty of these tailored separates is that they can interchangeably be worn with ease. All of a sudden you have so many outfit options to creatively combine and make your own.”

Imagine you’re a soccer player, lean and fit but with thighs like trees. In the past, made to measure was your only option because a trim jacket off the rack always came with its own trim trousers. With Create Your Look, you can mix and match from a variety of sizes, fits and styles to find the suit or tuxedo that works best for your body type, and you don’t have to make all the purchases at the same time. That was never possible before, because of subtle colour variations from one bolt of fabric to the next. Now BOSS, working with the Guabello mill in Biella, Italy, has developed a process that guarantees a perfect match.

“For this program we decided to focus on the essentials, black, navy and grey, but with a special twist,” says Heiko Ihben, brand and creative director, BOSS Man. “The cloths are double-dyed, which leads to unparalleled colour depth and an intense, modern sheen, making the suit equally sleek and elegant with a luxurious touch.”

The same versatility applies with Create Your Look’s tuxedo plan. Now all the men in a wedding party can find matching ready-to-wear tuxedo suits whatever their differences in size and build.