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How To Cut a Smoother Shave in 5 Steps

A Guide on How You Can Up Your Shave-Game in 2022

By: Logan RossDate: 2022-01-13

Whether you want to try something new with your facial hair in 2022 or are just looking to refine your approach to the ancient art of shaving, striving for a smoother shave is something we should all be trying to do.

To help you up your shave-game and reward your skin with a softer, smoother post-shave feeling, feel free to swipe a few of these steps we’re adding to our shaving routine this year.

Step 1: Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate

Before you even go near your razor, you should reach for your favourite exfoliating skincare product to properly prep your skin for a shave.

Exfoliating your skin pre-shave will help remove any dead skin and hair from the area that could cause irritation and in-grown hairs while shaving. Doing this will also encourage healthy hair growth post-shave as exfoliating leave your skin and pores cleaner and smoother.

Step 2: Use A Dedicated Shave Balm

Remember the days when you used to lather up for a shave using one of those old-school shaving cream canisters you got at the drug store? All of those nicks, razor burns, and ingrown hair scars sure haven’t forgotten.

Now that you’re taking shaving more seriously, it’s essential you start using a more refined, dedicated shaving balm or cream to help you cultivate a closer, smoother shave that comes with no extra tugging, catching, and ripping of your skin and hair along the way.

Step 3: Choose Your Weapon Wisely

Steady hands to the fore - now it’s time to get shaving. Whether you’re a fan of the straight razor, safety razor, or you prefer to take things down with the electric foils, your tool of choice here is all about personal preference and dependability.

Step 4: Give Your Skin the Good Stuff

Now that all of your unwanted hair is gone, replenish your newly-smooth skin with some much-needed moisture. Relax and rehydrate your distressed skin with a post-shave cooling gel, calming face cream, or your favourite moisturizer once your hair’s out of the way.

Step 5: It’s Called After-Shave for a Reason

Don’t let after-shave be an after-thought — make sure you apply a dab or two of your preferred after-shave balm, cream, or spray before you leave the bathroom so you can revel in the luxurious sensation of owning a freshly shaved face for the rest of your day.

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