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The 5-Minute Beard Care Routine

Whether you’ve got the full Grizzly Adams or just a bit of stubble, here’s what you need to take care of your beard.

Date: 2021-05-11

With more time sequestered at home over the past year, nearly every man we know gave growing a beard a go. But growing a beard isn’t as simple as keeping the razor in the medicine cabinet; it requires a bit of love. There’s nothing worse than unruly, unkempt facial hair, so the Harry Rosen team has put together a simple care routine along with our favourite products for a better beard.

1. Wash

Just as you would wash the hair on your head, you’ll want to make sure your beard is clean as well. Splash your face with water and lather a small amount of beard wash into your beard until it forms a lather. Next, simply rinse with water. Washing your beard will reduce itching and remove dry skin.

2. Moisturize

After washing, replenish your beard’s natural oils. Apply beard oil to moisturize your skin and beard which will further prevent dryness and itchiness. It will also add a lovely scent and shine.

3. Shape

Depending on the length of your beard, you may need help to style it so that it looks its best. Once you’ve shaped it to your preferred length and style, take a small amount of beard balm and warm it in your hands before applying. Good ford and reduce fly-aways and make you looking sharp rather than overgrown.

All of these are part of the new curated selection of men’s grooming products available at Harry Rosen.