Hair Clay

$25.00Colour: Assorted
Uppercut Deluxe Clay is a stronghold product with a natural finish that is easily reworked throughout the day and just as importantly, washed out at the end. This is a revolutionary hair Clay, designed specifically for men. Clay will tame hair short or long, adding texture and control to a diverse range of styles. This product grips and shapes hair effortlessly; it has the strength to defy natural hair movement to control even the toughest and most stubborn hair. With low shine, Clay produces a matte finish, leaving the hair looking natural.
Style #20078921099
  • Fragrance: Woods and Leather
  • Hold: Strong but reworkable
    Finish: Low shine, matte finish
    Style Guide: Clay works best for modern styles. This product is great for adding control to textured styles
    Hair Type: Ideal for difficult to control hair; straight, wavy, or curly.  Clay can tame any hair length.
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