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Key Basics You Need for Travelling

The modern man’s on-the-move guide

By: Alex Kuch

When you’re on the move for your next vacation, weekend getaway, or business venture, a critical reminder for successful travelling is that it is less about the destination than it is about the journey. Sure, it’s a cliché, but we’re big believers in making the most of the moment, and travelling in clothes that can go the distance makes all the difference. While you’re not obligated to replicate the spirited jet-setting fashion of the ‘60s & ‘70s – even in our current comfort-first culture, it’s a nice idea to look sharp. Here’s our top travel basics for the modern travelin’ man.

Structured Jacket

A soft structured sport jacket might just be the paladin of current menswear. As much as we love a sharp suit tailored to the nines, soft jackets offer a perspective on fashion that not only reinvigorates our dressing habits, but also provides a sense of aesthetics and comfort. When we mean soft structured, we’re referring to sport jackets that are either very gentle on shoulder padding, body canvassing, and lining, or stripped of them all entirely. You’ll even find jackets composed of supple, lightweight, and stretchy materials, further demonstrating a top layer that is meant to move with you, not against you. You can also roll it up into your carry on without fuss. For these reasons, we think that a soft jacket is imperative on your travels, particularly if you need or desire to present yourself in that classy manner. Checking out your favourites like Canali, Tiger of Sweden, Harris Wharf London, and ZEGNA are good places to start.

Cashmere Sweater

There’s never been a time when having the coziest knit on you would be a bad idea. When you’re on the move, there’s a lot to keep in mind — whether you’re catching a flight on time, navigating in a foreign country, or finding that perfect, picturesque café you’ve envisioned yourself sipping an espresso at — doing it in a really great cashmere sweater effortlessly lifts those burdens. Cashmere defends its claim as the pinnacle of knitwear because it’s plush, homely composition, and second-to-none soft hand doesn’t compromise on bliss — it’s a key component for making layovers and long car rides that much livelier.


Stretchy & Drawstring Pants

If you don’t need to make a belt your priority on your travels, don’t — reach for some bottoms with a drawstring waist and a bit of stretch in them. With so many options (especially here at Harry’s), you can effortlessly source a pair of pants worthy of calling home.

There are two ways to go here – more laid-back, jogger-esque styles that are smart enough that they won’t be mistaken for sweats, or pants with a more tailored, sartorial outlook without the stuffiness. Throw on a pair of these with an easy tee and slick shades, and you’ll have the guy in line behind you contemplating his 16oz cowboy denim. Remember, not all heroes wear belts.

Slip-on Sneakers & Loafers 

Keeping a cool stride starts with a light and easy footing, and that means no laces. The pros of a slip-on shoe are countless. We’re all familiar with the beloved loafer – a menswear essential and it’s a tried-and-true approach for a nonchalant, chic, and unequivocally handsome look, regardless if you’re travelling or not.

It’s contemporary — the slip-on sneaker — is a style that lets you do all the walking, while they do all the talking. It’s an astute choice for those looking to keep their classic sneaker routine, but by bending the rules a little — and not your back with lace-up checks.

Weekend Travel Bag

Your key travel basics won’t get far without a proper bag to carry them in. Ideally, something that is compact enough to carry-on, but substantial enough to keep, let’s say, a light cashmere sweater on you at all times. But really, it comes down to having the right tool for the job without losing out on your personal taste — you’ll come across varied bag sizes dialed in for anything from 1 to 4-day trips, and styled in anything from Montblanc’s fine leather, Tumi’s super sleek aesthetic, to the sustainably made pieces from PKG or the cleverly capable bags from Bellroy. Perhaps you might be on the lookout for super particular features, like dedicated laptop or shoe compartments. Despite whatever your functional or stylistic needs are, with the right bag to get around with, the world really is yours.

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