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5 Style Essentials for the Travelling Man

Here are the best travel style essentials for men in 2024.

By: Alex KuchDate: 2024-01-09

When you're planning your next vacation, weekend getaway, or business venture on the move, a crucial reminder for successful travel is that it is less about the destination than it is about the journey. It might be a cliché, but wearing clothes that will keep you comfortable and stylish makes a significant impact. While you're not obliged to mimic the spirited jet-set fashion of the '60s & '70s, it's a good idea to appear well-dressed, even in our current comfort-first culture. Here are our top travel essentials for the modern travellin’ man.

A man in sunglasses and jacket walking through an airport

A Soft, Unstructured Jacket

Soft jackets provide a different take on fashion compared to finely tailored suits. They focus on aesthetics and comfort by minimizing shoulder padding, body canvassing, and lining, or even eliminating these elements altogether. Some jackets are made from flexible, lightweight materials, ensuring they move with you effortlessly. Their easy portability allows you to roll them up and store them in your carry-on hassle-free. This versatility makes a soft jacket essential for travel, particularly if you want to maintain a polished appearance.

A Cashmere Sweater (or Two)

Having the coziest knit with you is always a good idea. When you're on the move, dealing with flights, exploring new places, or finding a perfect café, a great cashmere sweater can make it all easier. Cashmere stands out in knitwear for its plush comfort and unmatched softness, making layovers and long car rides more comfortable. Bring a few mixable and matchable neutral colours to make getting dressed in the morning a breeze.

Stretchy, Drawstring Pants

If belts aren't necessary for your travels, opt for bottoms with a drawstring waist and some stretch. At Harry’s, you'll find plenty of options to easily discover comfortable pants.

There are two options here – relaxed, jogger-style pants that look smart but aren't mistaken for sweats, or trousers with a tailored appearance without being too formal. Wear a pair with a simple tee and cool shades, and you'll have others rethinking their denim choices. Remember, not everyone needs a belt to look stylish.

Slip-on Sneakers or Loafers

Staying comfortable while walking starts with easy-to-wear shoes without laces. Slip-on shoes offer convenience. The classic loafer is a timeless choice for a relaxed yet stylish look, perfect for travel or everyday wear. The slip-on sneaker is a modern alternative for walking with ease and style. It maintains the classic sneaker vibe without the hassle of laces, offering a convenient option for those on the move.

A Sturdy Bag

Your travel essentials require a suitable bag to carry them. Look for a compact yet spacious option that fits in the overhead compartment while accommodating items like a lightweight cashmere sweater. Finding a bag that matches your needs and style is crucial. Explore various sizes and styles from brands like Montblanc, Tumi, PKG, or Bellroy, catering to different trip lengths and preferences, such as specific compartments for laptops or shoes. Having the right bag makes navigating the world much easier.

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