How To Care For Your Shoes

By: HARRY ROSEN EDITORSDate: 2015-05-12
Good shoes begin with great leather, period. Of course, once you have invested in a quality pair, you're going to want to hang on to them. Put a little time and effort into looking after them and they'll last longer and look better.

The experts at Allen Edmonds have prepared a handy series of video tutorials demonstrating how to care for just about any type of dress shoes you own, from leather to suede. And they should know, the company began handcrafting Made in U.S.A. shoes in 1922 and continue this proud manufacturing tradition today by offering some of the finest men’s dress and casual shoes featuring classic styling and fine craftsmanship.


One of the best pieces of advice we can offer is to give your shoes a rest. Fight the temptation to wear the same pair every day. You have to let leather breathe. If you wear the same shoes back-to-back, you're not letting them recover and breathe. And we always recommend placing a shoe tree in your shoes after wearing them to soak up moisture and extend their life.