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Film Club: Italian Summer

3 Stylish Summer Films Set in Italy

By: HARRY ROSEN EDITORSDate: 2020-07-26

While most of us have put our holiday plans on hold, we can always escape to Europe through film. And what better place than Italy? With the sublime Mediterranean light, grand columns of Rome and beautiful cars––it's a dream escape. You'd be forgiven if you missed the impeccable style front and centre in the frame. Here are three stylish films set in Italy to inspire your summer dressing.

Roman Holiday (1953)

In 1953’s Roman Holiday, you may notice Gregory Peck remains fully-suited throughout the film––yet he keeps his cool as an American reporter who falls for Audrey Hepburn’s European princess. The high-waisted pleated trousers and wide-lapel blazers wouldn’t look out of place in certain circles today, but we also love the very-small, but very-Italian style detail of tucking the tie into the pants. It's a confident move that we endorse whole-heartedly.

Call Me By Your Name (2017)

Luca Guadagnino’s Call Me By Your Name depicts a summer of young love, longing and heartbreak somewhere in 1983 Northern Italy, but it is also a masterclass is dishevelled prep with oversized Oxford shirts, Lacoste polos and early-80s-length shorts of the two central characters. It’s an inspired bit of sprezzatura summer style.

The Great Beauty (2013)

Director Paolo Sorrentino is one of Italian cinema’s brightest stars (with crossover success on this side of the pond with TV’s The Young Pope), and 2013's The Great Beauty, is where you really see his genius shine. Toni Servillo plays Jep Gambardelli, a 65-year-old author and man-about-town who traverses through a long, dreamy night in the Eternal City. From lavish parties to the palazzos, terraces, and secret gardens of Rome––he remains dressed immaculately in vibrant sports jackets, white trousers and Panama hats.