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5 Stylish TV Shows to Watch

Five binge-worthy TV shows with wardrobe inspiration to spare, from three-piece suits to pontiff-approved loungewear.

By: HARRY ROSEN EDITORSDate: 2020-04-20

Peaky Blinders

Now in its fifth season, this British gangster drama has gone somewhat under the radar on this side of the pond despite its impeccable use of tweed suits, old-school barbering and Tom Hardy. The show follows the exploits of the Shelby crime family in post-WWI England, a gang who are as serious about expanding their empire as they are about their wardrobes. From their razor-studded flat caps to their oxblood brogue boots, these gents can teach us all a thing or two about tailoring with attitude.

American Crime Story Season 2: The Assassination of Gianni Versace

This one-season miniseries about the murder of the Italian fashion legend is as disturbing as it is binge-able. Aside from exceptional performances across the board (and a memorable cameo by ‘90s indie rocker Aimee Mann) this show is a perfect opportunity to absorb Versace’s trend-setting approach to clothes. Whether padding around his Miami Beach mansion in a damask silk robe, or dressed for work in an all-black mock neck and pleated trousers, his look is all about attention to detail.


With enough palace intrigue and backstabbing to fill a Shakespeare play, this drama about a family of New York media tycoons is one of the best things HBO has put out in years. The show’s wardrobe, from bespoke suits to quilted Barbour jackets to luxe low-top sneakers, is perfectly observed on every level. While their interpersonal relationships don’t leave much to admire (boar on the floor, anyone?) this is as good a place as any to learn how to dress like the one per cent.

The Young Pope / The New Pope

The backroom machinations of Vatican City provide ample fodder for Paolo Sorrentino (the Oscar-winning director of The Great Beauty) to create this lush papal drama starring Jude Law in the titular role. Decked out in gilded robes and tiaras, Law’s ornate wardrobe doesn’t exactly translate to the real world, but you can definitely channel some of the young pope’s baroque swagger in pieces by VersaceEtro and Dolce & Gabbana—or, if you’re brave enough, his white Armani speedo. As Law’s successor, John Malkovich provides a command performance, along with an injection of the kind of British dandy tailoring favoured by the Duke of Windsor, complete with some very covetable velvet robes and slippers.

The Trip to Greece

In the fourth and final season of Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon’s European adventure, the two British comedians recreate the voyage of Odysseus, stopping along the way to eat in fancy restaurants, mock each other mercilessly and perform duelling impressions of Roger Moore and Michael Caine. Aside from their reliably hilarious impersonations, Brydon and Coogan’s understated wardrobe of chinos, breezy linen shirts and Panama hats is a great starting point for your summertime casual look.

Jeremy Freed is a Toronto-based freelance journalist. His writing about menswear, travel, design and sustainability appears in Sharp, GQ, the Globe and Mail and many more.