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The 5-Minute Hair Care Routine

Put away the 3-in-1 washes, avoid bad hair days and have your hair looking its best with this quick hair care routine.

Date: 2021-05-12

We’ve all been indoors for a while now and although we are protected from the elements, we are exposed to dry house and apartment air. Put away the 3-in-1 drugstore washes and take this opportunity to make the appropriate adjustments to your hair care routine with our new curated range of high quality hair care products. Here are four quick steps to healthier, better looking hair.

1. Shampoo

Starting off with the obvious, you’ll want to shampoo your hair, to remove excess dirt and oil. But – what perhaps isn’t so obvious is how often you should. Some men grew up thinking they need to shampoo their hair every day, but this dries out your hair and removes too much if it’s natural oil. For Simon Chercuitte, barber extraordinaire and co-founder of Wise, it depends on if you go to the gym every day or if you work in construction but recommends every two to three days. “If your hair is a bit drier, you can maybe stretch it a bit longer but nothing under every two days depending on your hair type,” he says.

We digress, massage your hair until the shampoo forms a lather. Remember, a little goes a long way.

2. Conditioner

Post-shampoo, it’s important to put moisture back into your hair. This is where conditioner is your friend. It will hydrate your hair and increase its manageability by smoothing it.

3. Shine

I thought oily hair was a bad thing?, you’re asking yourself… oil is good! Grease is bad. Your natural hair oil gives your hair a natural lustre and adding two or three drops of beard or hair oil to your mane is a simple shortcut to healthier hair. Beard or hair oil will give your beard some added shine and increase moisture in your scalp while weighing it down lightly and reducing frizzing, fraying and breakage. It will also add a lovely scent.

4. Style

The way you style it will depend on how long your hair is and your type of hair. But for short to medium hair a pomade, paste or wax will usually get the job done with a strong yet natural finish. Warm the clay in the palm of your hands, apply to your hair and use your fingers to shape.

All of these are part of the new curated selection of men’s grooming products available at Harry Rosen.
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