Step Out in Style with

The New Essentials

Step out in style with The New Essentials – the building blocks of your new flexible wardrobe. From versatile sweater-jackets (a.k.a. swackets) to comfortable yet office-appropriate work pants that feature techy-stretch materials, drawstrings and other homebound details, these styles will form the foundation of your wardrobe as you ease back out there.

The Swacket

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A sweater-jacket hybrid, for endless versatility.

With flexibility top-of-mind, the swacket (essentially, the heavy-gauge comfort of a sweater combined with the look of a jacket) is the ideal piece to navigate multiple scenarios, not to mention transitional weather. "Like sports jackets, they complete an outfit," Harry Rosen’s Chief Product Officer Shannon Stewart says. "You can wear them over anything from a knit to a button-down shirt with a knitted tie. They are a nice alternative to a jacket in a casual business environment."
These sweater-jackets also double as outerwear, making for versatile laying pieces for fluctuating fall days. Benson, Patrick Assaraf, Eleventy and more are offering swackets from structured to casual (but always soft).

The Performance Pant

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Comfortable yet office-appropriate.

Now, with offices starting to open along with everything else, it's time to do the tough work of re-evaluating your wardrobe and, perhaps, embracing the elastic waistband, drawstrings, stretch fabrics and the many other cozy elements that come with this new relaxed yet respectable take on work-appropriate pants.
From DU/ER’s Adventure Tech-Cotton Pants that feature additional pockets for a breezy bike commute to Patrick Assaraf’s more polished Tech-Stretch Drawstring Trousers, these are the casual styles to help you balance home and office.

The Running Shoe

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Step out in your comeback kicks

When you do opt for something more relaxed, make sure your feet are on trend. One look that’s particularly au courant is the retro runner. New Balance’s 327, for instance, combines today’s technology with the heritage look of the 1970s. We think it looks particularly fresh. Those won’t get you very far when it comes to exercising, however. For that we recommend the Cloud X runner by On, the Swiss athletic brand making waves around the world (backed by Roger Federer).
Be they an exquisitely-crafted suede pair from Brunello Cucinelli or On’s high-tech runners –  trusty running shoes have never been more essential. You might even want to grab a backup pair.