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Harry’s Guide to: Prada Re-Nylon

This is everything you need to know about Prada’s modern reinterpretation of luxury textiles.

By: Alex Kuch

If we were to ask you what comes to mind when you think of 'Prada,' a collection of mental snapshots might flicker across your mind's eye: the silver flash of their iconic 'Triangolo' emblem, a pair of red carpet-ready patent leather Oxfords, or perhaps the surprising, slightly awkward yet alluring runway appearances by Jeff Goldblum and Kyle McLaughlin during the 2022 Milan fashion show. Regardless of your perspective, there's an undeniable impression being etched into the fashion world's collective imagination—and that is none other than Prada's Re-Nylon collection.

Since Mario Prada opened his first store in Milan's storied Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Prada has been renowned for its high style, meticulous attention to detail, and a genuinely luxurious selection of high-quality materials—from silk to Saffiano leather. When Mario's granddaughter, Miuccia, joined the company in 1978, she felt a burning desire to break free from the expected and redefine what 'luxury' could mean in the realm of fashion. Her muse? Nylon. Thermoplastics are thought of as inherently unglamorous. So, how does Prada, the embodiment of contemporary chic and luxury, manage to infuse nylon with a sense of romance?

For Miuccia, there was an irresistible urge to create something that wasn't different merely for the sake of differentiation but, rather, embodied the present and underscored the importance of change. Over the years, the designer unveiled collections of handbags crafted from superfine nylon threads. These collections often garnered criticism for their higher price tags compared to their leather counterparts, and were deemed 'anti-luxury.'

Then, in 2019, Prada introduced Re-Nylon – a high-quality, sustainable nylon textile that can be infinitely regenerated, hence the name, by recycling and purifying the considerable amount of plastic waste on our planet. But Re-Nylon isn't just recycled nylon; it's Prada's foray into the next chapter of fashion. Whether you can appreciate its beauty or dismiss it as a trendy gimmick, let Prada do the talking.

Here are a few standout pieces from our selection of Re-Nylon that have caught our eye.

Logo Re-Nylon Bucket Hat

The standard bucket hat is a tried-and-true sportswear style, but there’s nothing standard about Prada’s methods. The Italian-house evolves the bucket hat into its next form by giving it the Re-Nylon treatment, featuring a fashion-forward, boxy shape, and their signature Triangolo emblem on the front. You might not feel inclined to wear this one on the boat or the green, but we think it’s especially cool that Prada can so effortlessly elevate an overlooked style like a bucket hat.

PRAX 01 Re-Nylon Sneakers

If you’re looking to ease some of that new-age Prada into your footwear collection, consider the PRAX 01 trainer. Bold in character, but subtle in its presentation, it’s the kind of shoe that doubles as an outfit-making piece on a big night out, or simply as a pair of kicks you can downplay with track pants and a hoodie. While Re-Nylon is the standout feature here, the brushed leather trim makes for a nice touch too.

Re-Nylon & Saffiastno Leather Pouch

Keeping yourself organized is imperative for a busy lifestyle; if you opt to do it in Prada, you must be doing something right. Prada offers a variety of bags and wallets in Re-Nylon, but this zippered pouch is a sly take on the brand’s reputation of making sleek accessories. Your eyes are instantly drawn to their signature metal emblem on the front, though if you look closer, you will notice the Re-Nylon fabric is complimented with their Saffiano leather—way to knock out two iconic Prada materials with one pouch.

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