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5 Style Resolutions for 2024

We’ve made five pledges to elevate our sense of style this year – and here’s why we’re sticking to them.

By: Harry Rosen StaffDate: 2023-12-27

New Year’s resolutions have long been a popular phenomenon and chances are you’ve already made a few of your own. The usual suspects perennially reappear – promises to eat healthier, sleep better, exercise more, and drink less are always among the most popular.

At Harry Rosen, however, we’re making a commitment to help you feel you your best and most confident, and we know how to do that best through how you get dressed. This year, we want every outfit we put on to elevate you, both esthetically and emotionally.

To keep us honest, we’ve outlined five style resolutions that’ll help you in the year ahead.

1. Understand What Fits You Best

The art of looking and feeling your best in clothing starts with how they fit you – and you alone. This year, we aren’t settling for ‘good enough’ but instead striving to truly refine what we think and feel flatters us most.

2. Use a Tailor More Frequently

To ensure your clothes fit you as well as they possibly can, we always encourage you to enlist the knowledge and services of our skilled in-house tailors. Developing a new or better relationship with a tailor is how you’ll both come to understand preferences and what perfection looks and feels like to you.

Tip: All CLUB HARRY members receive free alterations on any regular-price or sale-price items. 


3. Experiment with a New Brand the 'Old You' Wouldn't

Everyone has a brand or two they trust implicitly when it comes to style, fit, and quality. However, it’s impossible to know what looks best on you if you never leave your comfort zone. Even if you wouldn’t normally gravitate towards a certain brand, make some time to give them a chance to change your mind this year.

4. Put Thought into Colour Theory

While we’re always firm advocates of including pops of colour into an outfit, the truth is certain colour families work better with certain complexions. Fortunately, there are particular tones and shades of clothing that will enhance, not take away from, the unique colouring of your skin and hair.

5. Go In-Store to Talk Clothes

If you really want to get better at dressing, sharing ideas and starting dialogues about clothing with people who have made a living out of it is the best way to gain knowledge, amalgamate tastes and opinions, and receive real, practical advice. Even if you have no honest intention to buy, the Clothing Advisors at your local menswear store should always be happy to talk shop – use that to your advantage.

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