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The Best Wedding Suits: A Breakdown by Category

Our Guide on the Best Wedding Suits for Every Occasion

By: Logan RossDate: 2023-02-03

Attending a wedding and figuring out what to wear can be a daunting task, as different weddings call for different dress codes. Knowing the appropriate dress code can help you dress appropriately for the occasion and avoid any embarrassing outfit choices.

But at the end of the day, you want to show respect at a wedding and a tailored jacket is the ideal way to do that, even when dressed-down on the beach. Here’s are some wedding guest outfit ideas that will have you upstaging everyone (except the groom, of course) no matter the wedding dress code.

Slim Fit Tuxedo

The Best Black-Tie Suit

For men, black-tie means a black tuxedo jacket and pants (although a dinner jacket is also acceptable), a white dress shirt (studs are recommended), a black bow tie, and black patent dress shoes. The bow tie can be satin or grosgrain, but should match the material of your lapels. This goes for the optional vest or cummerbund. It's important to note that a black suit is not considered black tie. It’s also not appropriate to wear a necktie or other colored accessories.

The Best (Budget) Black-Tie Suit

While black-tie sounds fancy, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go over-budget to look the part. For occasions where we want to look like a million bucks but don’t necessarily want to spend it, we defer to brands that stand for quality as well as accessibility without compromising on tradition.

Blue suit

The Best Travel-Friendly Suit

No matter if you’re attending a destination wedding or the event is taking place locally, weddings always involve a lot of moving parts and tightly packed bags. Whether you’re travelling with your suit or in your suit, ensure you stay looking as sharp as possible with a wrinkle-resistant fabric and light, deconstructed interior.

Grey suit

The Best Year-Round Suit

Like love itself, weddings aren’t bound to any particular time of year, which means men are often asked to turn up looking their sharpest without significant notice ahead of time. Whether you’re attending a wedding in spring, summer, winter, or autumn, a suit you can wear year-round is an invaluable asset to any wardrobe.

Blue flower patterned blazer

The Best After-Party-Ready Suit

More often than not, it’s the receptions and after-parties that make us most excited about attending a wedding, and not just because of the open bars. Wedding after-parties are always occasions worth dressing up for, and it’s hard to do much better than suiting up in a standout cocktail jacket or full tux.

black three piece suit

The Best 3-Piece Suit

Although three-piece suits don't tend to be the most popular choices for everyday wear, something about wedding tradition always seems to encourage men to add a vest to their ensemble. If you’re interested in going down the three-piece route, why not buy something you’d actually want to wear in other places too?

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