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Which Golf Brand is Right For You?

Win the style game with our picks from Lacoste, J.Lindberg, Galvin Green, and Greyson

By: Jeremy FreedDate: 2024-04-24

Every golfer may have the same stated goal on the tee, but no two players approach the game in exactly the same way — especially where wardrobe is concerned. Some may opt for the classic approach of solid-coloured polos, crisp khakis, and two-tone cleats, while others might prefer to make a statement in big prints and pastels. Fortunately, unlike talking on the phone while your buddy is lining up a putt or forgetting to rake the bunker, you can’t go wrong with any of the brands below. Read on to find the brand that best suits your style and your game.

Galvin Green at Harry Rosen

The Early Adopter

How to spot him: From his sparkling new EV in the parking lot to his next-generation smartwatch, this golfer is always on the hunt for the latest and greatest new tech. On the golf course, this player can be found scoping out each drive through a top-of-the-line rangefinder and analyzing his performance on his smartphone at the nineteenth hole.

What he’s wearing: Galvin Green

This brand started out making cutting-edge rain gear in the 1990s, and has since diversified into a wide range of golf gear that’s as stylish as it is functional. With technical fabrics and performance-oriented details, Galvin Green’s jackets, shirts, and vests are designed to keep you warm, dry, and comfortable in any weather.

Lacoste at Harry Rosen

The Traditionalist

How to spot him: This golfer approaches all of his leisure pursuits with an eye for old-school cool, from the classic wooden runabout in his cottage boathouse to his closet full of cable-knit sweaters and seersucker blazers. Whether his regular weekend wardrobe is heavy on penny loafers, pastel trousers, and other preppy style staples or not, he maintains a healthy appreciation for classic mid-20th century menswear.

What he’s wearing: Lacoste

The brand’s iconic pique polos are tradition and performance in one, with cotton-stretch fabrics, classic slim silhouettes, and – of course – that famous green alligator.

J.Lindeberg at Harry Rosen

The Minimalist

How to spot him: The beauty of golf is in its simplicity: get the ball into the hole, the fewer strokes the better. This golfer takes that approach to everything in life, from his modern and remarkably clutter-free home to his slim suits in a range of muted monochrome hues. On the golf course he’ll be the guy making do with just a handful of clubs and an ultra-light carry bag, and making everyone else feel slightly over-equipped every time he sinks a chip shot.

What he’s wearing: J.Lindeberg

In his clothes as in everything he values in life, this golfer appreciates the clean lines and slim silhouettes of Johan Lindeberg’s Nordic-inspired creations, which are as high-performance as they are elegant.

Greyson at Harry Rosen

The Trendsetter

How to spot him: Some guys like to blend into the crowd, others not so much. This golfer complements his life-of-the-party persona with a wardrobe of bold colours, big prints, and avant-garde designs. His purple shorts and intricately patterned polo make him easy to spot on the greens, and he’s also the first one buying a round at the clubhouse.

What he’s wearing: Greyson

Like the Trendsetter himself, this modern golf brand makes a stylish statement on the links and backs it up with quality where it counts. In addition to its sleek silhouettes and bold prints, Greyson is known for its tailored fits and high-performance fabrics.

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